Can dry cleaning kits replace expensive bills?

Dry Cleaning Kits

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My dry cleaning bills are getting outrageous. I'm tempted to try one of those home dry cleaning kits, but don't want to take a chance on ruining any of my good clothes. Has anyone tried those kits? Do they work? Do they work as good as taking items to the dry cleaner?

Great for Touch Ups

I use the home dry cleaning kits for items that aren't too dirty but just need to be freshened up. It works ok but for really dirty items that are dry clean only taking them to the cleaners is best.
Rebeca (via Facebook)

Avoid Dry Cleaning

I have used dry cleaning kits for years. They work very well. Just follow package directions. Do not expect to get out old stains, but do expect your clothing to be fresher and cleaner. It may require steam ironing.

I have found that something that works even better. I have stopped buying clothing that must be dry cleaned. I have not taken clothes to the dry cleaner in about 20 years.

Many items that say "dry clean" can be washed by hand and even on the delicate cycle of your washer, though you will have to decide whether to take this risk with your clothing. I have been washing wool sweaters tucked into mesh bags this way for years on the regular washer cycle with other clothing. I have also washed silk and other garments in this way. None have shrunk, and they all come out nice. I do not put them in the dryer, though. I lay them flat to dry, preferably on a mesh rack for quicker drying.
Barbara in CT

Use Dry Cleaner for Spot Removal

Absolutely! I love home dry cleaning kits for clothes that only need refreshing, like my church trousers. I also use Dryel (or equivalent) to refresh my down pillows. Two pillows, one Dryel® sheet, and one tennis ball for 40 minutes or so every three months makes my pillows like new.

Use a real dry cleaner when you have serious spots to remove, the item needs pressing, or it's really irreplaceable and you don't want to take chances.

The Experts Agree

I just read in Woman's Day that those home dry cleaning kits work just fine to clean clothes. Dry cleaners even admitted it! They did recommend using a dry cleaner if clothing has stains or needs heavy duty cleaning, but for regular, everyday cleaning of clothes, they are fine.

Airing Out Stretches Cleaning Dollars

I use the Dryel® brand and have great results. Every third cleaning, I send my items out to the professional cleaners, but I am thinking of trying to send things every fourth cleaning. Usually I air out items also to help extend the cleaning bill and the life of the material. Sometimes that is all that is needed to stretch cleaning dollars.

Nothing Else Is Needed

I have used Dryel® home dry cleaning kits for years on my good clothes and love it! It does a great job cleaning clothes; I haven't taken any clothes to the dry cleaners since I started using the home cleaning kit.

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