More storage in the spaces you already have

Space Saving Ideas

by Sharon Robinson

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It's funny that no matter how large the house, it never seems large enough. Even if you move from a small apartment to a larger apartment or house, chances are that after initially basking in the glory of your new found space, you will soon be lamenting the lack of space. Don't worry yourself with the belief that you have a problem. It's just human nature, and you are no different than the rest of us. Thankfully, there are ways to save and maximize space.

The first place to start when looking to save space is to make an honest and thorough assessment of what you really wish to keep. This is your chance for the task that most of us despise but is of utmost necessity, which is spring cleaning. It is the first step on your way to space maximization. Once you purge your home of all those excess items, you will be well on your way to saving space.

Go Vertical

Many people only think horizontally when saving space, but the use of shelving on walls adds another space-saving dimension. For example, hanging pots and pans on the wall of the kitchen is cool and also frees up valuable cupboard space for other items. (It is also good motivation for keeping your utensils squeaky clean.) Installing shelving above doors is another vertical space saving option, as is using a wall-mounted hook to hang scarves in your bedroom.

Go Digital

By going digital, you can save enormous amounts of space. If you are still living in the 20th century, perhaps it is time to invest in an iPad, Kindle, or other similar device. Instead of dedicating shelf space to books and CDs, all these things can now be stored digitally. Chances are that all your books and CDs can be stored on one tiny device. If additional digital storage is required, invest in a one terabyte hard drive; it is not expensive and should be more than sufficient to meet your digital storage needs.

Go to Bed

The space under your bed is an excellent place for storage. It is out of sight and clean to the eye. If your bed does not have a storage box underneath, there is no end of choices when it comes to finding under-the-bed boxes, including ones that are transparent plastic, which enable you to see the contents without unpacking everything.

Go Vacuum

You may laugh, but those vacuum storage bags advertised on late night infomercials do have a practical purpose when it comes to space saving. In summer, these can be used to store your duvet and winter clothes. When you vacuum out the excess air, your clothing is compacted to half the size or less.

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Go Outside

A clean and orderly house doesn't end inside. You don't want to go outside to the yard and have to worry about breaking your neck on toys or garden equipment. Storage sheds are an excellent space-saving solution for your backyard, as are garden benches with storage space.

A lack of space is a common problem with numerous solutions. Which of these solutions you choose to use will be based on your own unique requirements.

Sharon is a neat freak who enjoys sharing her tips on tidiness, home styling, and outdoor storage with the world.

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