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10 Top Home Decorating Buys Under $10

by Kathy Woodard

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If you're looking to update a room in your home, but cash is a little short, never fear. The Budget Decorator has ten of her best home decorating finds, all of them for less than $10 each! Anyone can afford to decorate their home with these home decorating tips.


  • Paper is one of the most versatile tools for use in budget home décor.
  • Paper mache can be used to create display bowls.
  • Contact paper also works great for lining your dresser drawers for an instant pop of color in an unsuspecting place.
  • Frame scrapbooking paper in your living rooms' color scheme, and hang them above the window to draw the eye upwards, creating the look of a a taller ceiling.
  • Use brown paper bags to create a faux concrete or leather look floor.
  • Make coasters out of paper, it's cheap and one of a kind. It is easy to find precut cork at any craft store, then simply trace the coaster shape onto the paper, cut out, decoupage the paper onto the cork, and let dry. It's as simple as that!

Fat Quarters

Fat Quarters are quarter yard pieces of fabric sold singly or in coordinated bunches. They can be used for a number of projects around the home, are inexpensive, and a great way to introduce an accent color or pattern to the room.

  • Use them to make a slipcover for an office chair.
  • Throw pillow covers.
  • Make a colorful dry erase board! All you have to do is frame your favorite piece of fabric in your color scheme and hang on the wall. Then use a dry erase marker on the glass. It wipes off easily, blends in with your rooms style and color scheme, and is useful as well.

Dollar Store Frames

I love dollar store frames. You can generally find a selection of sizes of basic, classy frames that mix with just about any style. I very rarely buy frames anywhere else, because of how cheap and clean these look! You can easily make a gallery style picture wall under $10 for a look that will pull together a room. Ideas for framing on the cheap?

  • Fabric or paper
  • Calendar pages
  • Printed computer art
  • Colorful graphic food labels
  • Pressed flowers and leaves
  • Sentimental ticket stubs or programs
  • Black and white candids of your family

Graphic Poster Art

This can be a bit trickier to find under $10, but it can be done! Try looking at places like IKEA, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. IKEA has great graphics for very little price, in a multitude of sizes and styles. Michaels and Hobby Lobby generally have good prices on their prints, and they usually offer a 20% or even 40% off coupon weekly in the local ad or online.

Quart of Paint

A quart of paint may seem small, but it goes a long way to freshen up your home.

  • Paint the trim around your windows.
  • Give your front door a splash of color that awakens your house from the curb!
  • If you have glass paned cabinets, try painting the inside of them for a crisp look.
  • Paint a key piece of furniture in a bold accent color to transform a room in an hour.
  • Paint a "panel" behind a gallery of photos to set them off and make them more important in the room.

Stencil Brush and Craft Paints

Stenciling can be used on far more than just walls.

  • Use it in a child's rooms to combat little changing minds. Consider flowers, dinosaurs, or an ocean fantasy.
  • Add just a touch of personality to any spot in the house with stenciled quotes. They are great above doorways or place scripture perhaps above a babies crib.
  • How about developing a family signature stencil to add in every room of the home?
  • Stencil sheets and towels with a monogram for a luxury look.

Glue Gun and Sticks

This is probably one of the most essential tools of The Budget Decorator and can be used in almost every decorating project.

  • Use for temporary furniture repairs
  • Make Christmas ornaments
  • Add ribbon to a lampshade
  • Hem curtains
  • We have even used a glue gun to make a dollar tree candle holder look like one out of a CB2 magazine.

Patterned Contact Paper

Patterned contact paper can be great for making a room look completely different, without the cost or hassle of painting or the permanency of wall paper. This is a great option for renters, as most are not allowed to paint.

  • Cover an old dresser or desk top and then top with glass to bring it back to life.
  • Cut into strips and use it as removable wall border.
  • Use patterned contact paper to line the back part of a bookcase. Add a little flair to the dull matte black finish.
  • Cut out shapes from bold or primary contact paper and use to decorate a child's bathroom.

Flat Sheets

Flat sheets are so inexpensive, especially at places like Walmart. They are affordable large pieces of fabric, which can change the way a room feels in a pinch!

  • Add clip on curtain rings for instant window treatment.
  • Use as a tablecloth under placemats and cloth napkins.
  • Use as a backer fabric when sewing a decorative quilt and then hang on the wall.
  • Use to cover a DIY upholstered headboard.
  • Cut up and use to sew home accessories like throw pillows and cushions.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers instantly revitalize a room that needs a boost. The colors and fresh smell bring instant gratification, and you can get a lovely bouquet for under $10 at the grocery store... sometimes even under $5! If you splurge in one area of home decorating, make sure you don't forget the flowers!

No matter how short you are on cash, these are our top decorating finds under $10. What you do with them is up to you!

Kathy Woodard is an author, columnist, and editor of The Budget Decorator. For thousands of free budget home decorating ideas, visit her at TheBudgetDecorator.com.

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