What you need to know about window tint

5 Tips for Auto Window Tints

by Michael M. Dickson

There's no question adding window tint to your vehicle improves appearance, but it does more than just improve looks. When applied by a professional, window tint can help increase resale value, passenger protection from flying glass, and more. The trick is to do some research before getting it completed.

Jared of Detail Wiz Window Tinting believes tint can add to the value of your vehicle. He suggests five ways that's true.

Why Tint Your Windows At All?

Sure, you could ask that question. In a difficult economy, why would you spend additional money on something that is just for looks? The answer is that it's not. Over the life of your vehicle, window tint can actually save you money. Did you know that running the air conditioner in your vehicle actually causes it to burn more gas? When you flip the switch engaging the air conditioner, your engine works harder to make up for the additional workload and increases gas consumption. Output can increase as much as 20%. That means up to a 20% reduction in your MPG (miles per gallon). Window tint reduces the need for air conditioning and saves you valuable MPG!

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State Window Tinting Laws

Of course, before you actually get the windows tinted, you'll need to understand your state's laws regarding the tint level. Each state is different, and in some situations, each window can be different. For example, in Florida, you can tint the front side windows up to 28%, but the rear side windows can only be tinted 15%. In Vermont, you can't tint the front side windows, but you can tint the rear side and back window to any darkness you wish.

It's important to note the tint laws are susceptible to change at any time so research your state's window laws on a state website for the latest regulations.

Choose the Right Installer

Window tinting has become big business. Consumers are doing everything they can to save money in this tough economy, and window tint is just another way to save. However, you should always look for the most reliable professional installer you can before jumping in. Some things to look for in a reputable installer are:

  1. Do they have multiple locations? Often having multiple locations is a great sign they do quality work and their business is growing.
  2. Does the tint they sell have a warranty included by the installer? Most window tint has a warranty for the product through the manufacturer, but if the installer makes a mistake or the tint doesn't last, check to see that the installer stands behind their installation.

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Avoid the $99 Fly by Night Window Tint Offers

These guys are often standing on street corners holding large signs or advertising their great deal online, but it's usually anything but a great deal. Window tint doesn't need to be expensive to be good, but in most cases, the tint itself is worth more than $99 if it's top shelf. Look for brand names used by the reputable professional installers such as Llumar, CPFilms, and Huper Optik to name a few.

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Maintenance and Cleaning Instructions

Just like anything else on your vehicle, window tint lasts longer with regular maintenance. A couple of quick steps are all you need to keep your window tint in the best shape possible.

First, go over your window, looking for any bubbles that may have surfaced. Use a credit card under a soft towel and push the bubble towards the side of the window. Be careful not to push to hard. Lubricating the tint with water may help. Second, do not use any cleaner that contains ammonia on window tint. Ammonia is harsh on the tint and can eat through the film over continued use. Instead, visit your local professional installer or auto parts store for a "window tint safe" glass cleaner.

Reviewed March 2018

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