Just staying healthy can save you money!

Save Money by Staying Healthy

by Veronica Bowman

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Getting sick is expensive. Taking steps to prevent the dreaded cold or flu that seems to lurk around the corner each winter is far less costly. There are several steps you can take to better assure staying healthy. Some of the steps take absolutely nothing from your budget. The steps that do cost money are ultimately far less expensive than the cost of getting well. Here are some tips for staying healthy this winter:

  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently. Keep it in your car, your purse, your desk, and at numerous convenient locations.
  • Take advantage of the availability of sanitizer dispensers placed at various locations, such as the hospital, doctor's offices, grocery stores, and department store entrances.
  • Be sure you get the vitamins your body needs.
  • Stress weakens the immune system. However, stressful situations can't always be avoided. It is important that you find ways to relax and relieve stress. Make time for yoga, meditation, music, reading, or whatever you find relaxing.
  • Get the necessary amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation also weakens your immune system.
  • Exercise frequently. Staying fit is a great way to protect against illness. Whenever possible, spend time outdoors exercising or simply taking a nature walk.
  • In addition to taking vitamin supplements, eat a healthy diet to assure that your body is naturally getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs to fight off potential colds and viruses during the winter months.
  • Although it may be difficult to do, it is wise to avoid going to places where you are likely to be in close contact with people who are sick. This may mean you need to reassess the time of day you go shopping and you may want to avoid parties, theaters, or other locations where you are likely to be in close proximity with others.
  • Unless your doctor's advising differently, you should definitely get a flu shot as a method of protection. While it may not be free, it is a small expense that will help you avoid more costly visits to the doctor and pharmacy after you get sick.

If after taking all the precautions you possibly can, you still find yourself dealing with the unpleasantness of a cold or flu, you need to take proper care of yourself in order to shorten the duration of misery. Allow yourself time to heal. Rest is paramount in healing. Sleep gives your body valuable restoration time. And be nice to others. Stay home until you are well so that you don't share your cold or flu with co-workers, family, and friends.

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