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Tick Prevention

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Tick Prevention

In the last few days, I've found a couple of ticks on our dog. We've dealt with fleas in the past, but I don't know what to do with ticks. Since we have a toddler who loves the dog, I'm concerned about chemicals. Is there anything that we can use that's not too nasty that will eliminate ticks and keep them from coming back?

Try Brewer's Yeast for Flea and Tick Prevention

I give my dogs half a tablet of brewer's yeast every day. Fleas and ticks don't like the smell, although humans can't smell it. My dogs are flea and tick free and the tablets are about $3 for a bottle of 60.
R. Steele

Back It Up

Put a bit of original Dawn dishwashing liquid on a cotton ball and apply to tick. It will back right out.

Make a Safe Flea/Tick Collar

There are several strong-smelling herbs that you can use to keep ticks and fleas off your doggie, and they are child-safe. Try pennyroyal (very strong!), citronella, rose geranium, and lavender essential oils. You can make a sachet and tuck it into your pet's bed, or combine the oils with alcohol (seriously cheap vodka is the best) in a spritzer bottle and spray your pet. Once your pet's fur has dried, your child can hug all over him or her and be perfectly safe. The alcohol only serves to carry the oils, and evaporates very quickly.

You can also make a safe flea/tick collar for your pet by mixing one tsp. cider vinegar with three drops of lavender and one drop of rose geranium or cedar essential oils. Place the mixture in a plastic bag with a soft collar, like one made of webbing. Seal, shake, and infuse for 24 hours before fitting the collar to your pet.

Know the Real Threat

As the mother of a daughter who is suffering with Lyme Disease, I can tell you that the chemicals are not your biggest problem. The ticks are. They are the source of Lyme Disease and the disease is debilitating and permanent. You must protect your child!

Please call your vet to find a suitable tick killing product for the dog and don't be afraid to use a tick repellent (with DEET) on all members of your family. The DEET will not injure them like Lyme Disease would.
Susan in NC

Works for Hunting Dog

To combat fleas and ticks, after you have given your dog a flea and tick bath, dry him off as good as possible. Then spray him all over with Avon's Skin So Soft Bath Oil. Rub it in good and your dog is good to go. We have done this to our dogs for years. Even our hunting dog gets this treatment. They never had either fleas or ticks.

Flood with Olive Oil

I've heard that if you "flood" the affected area with olive oil, the ticks will back themselves out because they can't breathe.

A More Traditional Approach to Tick Prevention

There is a fairly new product by the manufacturers of Frontline called "Certifect." It is very effective against ticks, and even detaches them after it kills them. It is a little more expensive than Frontline, but when you consider tick-born diseases, it's well worth the cost. You would simply need to keep the dog and the little one separated until the medication dries.

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