Choosing the right door can make your home more secure

Selecting a Door for Home Security

by Jenny Kenyon

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When it comes to home security, doors play a key role as they are the important parts of your home. Latest technologies have brought tremendous change in the style and designs of doors and added many new security features. Exterior doors are the main source of entry into a home for burglars, according to home statistics. Make sure that front and back doors are secure, as these are the ways for the intruders to gain entry into your house.

Below are some tips that will help you to choose the best door that provides safety to your home and possessions.

  • Ensure that the door you consider has been proven to withstand burglary techniques. 80% of the burglars are forcing their entry through the door. Therefore, having a door that cannot be forced open is crucial
  • Your garage is the largest entry point to your house. So, you need to have a safe and secure garage door. A garage door company provides a garage door that has security features and is fully equipped. Some do have motion sensors and some have alarms that give alerts when something is wrong.
  • Get the help of your friends and neighbors who have better knowledge about high quality doors. Make sure that the doors you consider are certified because certified doors are always up to standard measures and materials.
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  • Examine the location of your home carefully before investing. If it is in a fire prone area, then look for a door that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Examine the quality of the material that has been used in the manufacturing of the door. Steel doors are more secure and durable when compared to other doors like wood and fiberglass.
  • Consider the price of the doors. Even though steel doors are expensive, they provide much more security and are long lasting. They may not rust like other metal doors.
  • Make sure that the door you opt for is strong, sturdy, and thick, so it's difficult for burglars to force open the door.
  • Ensure that your doors are fitted with quality locksets. They not only prevent burglars but also add beauty to the exteriors of your doors.
  • Add a peep hole to your exterior door, so that before opening the door, you can peep through and open the door only if you know the person. If required, install another peep hole at a lower height

Reviewed July 2017

Jenny Kenyon is a content writer with an interest in topics relating to home improvement, shopping and eco living..

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