How to find comfortable extra wide shoes made just for women

Extra Wide Shoes for Women

by Dollar Stretcher Readers

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Extra Wide Shoes for Women

How about extra wide shoes for women like 3E and 4E? I have lymphedema in my legs and feet, and it is impossible to find shoes wide enough and comfortable. I am currently wearing men's tennis shoes and they aren't very comfortable, but they are my only option. The problem is that I also have a high arch, and in men's shoes, nothing hits in the right place. I would even pay to have custom shoes made, but I can't find anyone that makes them anymore.
Linda Kay

Get Back into Your Shoes

My first suggestion would be to see a Certified Lymphedema Therapist for treatment. I have been very successful in helping people get back into their shoes. Do you sleep in a bed or in a chair? Do you sit for long periods of time with your feet on the floor? Just by elevating the legs you may see a significant decrease in the size of your feet.

Most recently I found slippers at Walmart that had a Velcro closure that could accommodate a large foot.
Aline in CT

Find Them Online

I found a website at that specializes in extra-wide shoes for men and women. They are expensive, but surely not as expensive as having them custom made, and shipping costs are included (so if you need to return them, you can). And in size 3E, at least, you have more to choose from than just tennis shoes.

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New Balance Believer

I have been buying New Balance Shoes for over two decades. I'm usually a woman's size 10 wide, if I can find them. I wear a man's 8 4E tennis shoe. I also umpire softball, so I have been very happy with the Dunham steel toe 8 4E shoe also. I have very high arches and plantar facia in both feet. I do have custom orthotics that I have worn every day for over 15 years. Joe's New Balance Outlet store at offers very good prices. New Balance has brick and mortar stores across the country, so if you are near one, you could try on their shoes before buying online.
Linda in Dallas, Texas

Mail Order Is Her Answer

My entire life has been searching for wide width shoes. I almost always order shoes through mail order. Maryland Square, Auditions and Wissota are some I have ordered from. When you find a brand that fits well, you can usually order almost any style from that brand even if you find them on other web sites. I have been wearing New Balance sneakers for years.

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Regularly Check Thrift Stores

I regularly check out the shoe section at a large thrift store in the area. To my surprise, I commonly find very wide women's shoes, and because they are previously worn, they are even more comfortable. Surprisingly, these shoes are often expensive brands but available at amazing prices. I have bought larger sizes than I would normally take and use heel inserts as needed. Sometimes I take them directly to the shoe repair for new heels and to fix them up. I think the key is regularly checking the store.

Get Shoes at Podiatrist's Office

Get your shoes made at a podiatrist's office. They fit shoes for diabetics and anyone else that requests them. They are not attractive, but they are comfortable. Your insurance may even cover it since you have a health issue. Look into it.

Let Your Need Be Known

Go to a church or community thrift store. Tell them your issue and leave your phone number with your written need. Often someone will try to donate odd sizes, but a thrift store hesitates to take them if the need for the size is so limited. I told one I needed a man's extra wide suit for my son; several months later, they called to say someone wanted to donate six such outfits. One was a Brooks Brothers coat, and when I got to look at everything, I realized the same person had donated three pairs of $200+ men's shoes in 13WW, which is also my son's size. I paid less than $50 for an armful of clothes and shoes that were like new.

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Wide Shoes Are Out There

I use and for my wide feet. A quick search at Shoebuy lets me know that in a size nine shoe, there are around 1800 to choose from.

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