What sells better on eBay than a yard sale

5 Things to Sell on eBay Instead of a Yard Sale

by Maggie Labrador

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I know many of you are on the hunt for new ways to bring in more income. Up until a few years ago, I thought the easiest way to make a quick buck was to put up a yard sale and get rid of all the stuff our family no longer needed. It never occurred to me that Ebay might be more profitable to sell some everyday items.

I had bought and sold on eBay for 10 years, but I mainly used it to sell rare items and electronics. Then one morning, as I was dreading spending an entire morning dealing with hagglers wanting to pay me next to nothing, I had a light bulb moment.

I picked up a pair of my son's Wiggles pajamas and decided to search prices on eBay. I was surprised to find they could sell for $10 to $12 as opposed to the $.50 I had them priced at for my yard sale. I soon learned that those overlooked items at home can make a pretty penny online. Here are five items that I will never ever sell at a yard sale again.

Kids Pajamas - Boys pajamas sell especially well since they are so rough on their clothes. Have a set of Phineas and Ferb or Spongebob pajamas that no longer fit your little one? Take a picture and list them. It's easy money!

Video Games - Kids are always wanting the newest gaming system, so what to do with all those Gamecube, Nintendo DS, or PS games. Sell them online. They are super easy to list and ship!

Old Christmas Ornaments - Have a box of old ornaments given to you by Mom or Grandma that you no longer want? Look them up online first. Some vintage Christmas ornaments can be quite valuable. Plus, they will be going to someone who will treasure them for years to come!

Name Brand Toys - Just like video games, our kids outgrow their toys fast. I recently sold my son's old Buzz Lightyear wings for $30. I actually had them on the yard sale table for $5! Some moneymakers are Wiggles, Toy Story, and Barney brands.

Boots - Many of us spend a nice chunk of change on quality boots only to wear them a handful of times before we tire of them. Surprisingly, some higher end brands can sell between $50 to $100!

Before you pile all your unwanted clothes and clutter on tables and open up that garage door, take a few minutes to see if listing online will make you a better profit.

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