Is there a natural way to treat dry hair?

Natural Dry Hair Solutions

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Natural Dry Hair Solutions

I continually struggle with dry hair. I use conditioners, but all those strange ingredients on the label are scary. Plus, they're pricey. Is there a natural solution for dry hair that's cheaper, too?

Give Hair Mayonnaise Treatment

You might want to try a mayonnaise treatment for your dry hair. Just wet your hair and towel dry, so it's not dripping. Apply a couple tablespoons of mayonnaise (maybe more depending on length of hair) to hair and work it through for good coverage. Wet a towel and warm it in the microwave a few seconds. Wrap towel around your hair and let set for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo as usual. A natural, no chemical solution.

All-Natural Hot Oil Treatment

Just heat some olive oil in a small bowl in the microwave until warm. Massage the oil into your dry hair until fully coated. Wrap your head with plastic wrap or a shower cap and leave the oil in for at least 30 minutes. Wash out of your hair as normal.

I learned this trick by mistake. My daughter had lice when in kindergarten, and after several of the over-the-counter treatments, an elderly lady told me to coat my child's hair in olive oil and bring her outside in the sun to remove the lice eggs. It took me a few hours, but after having the olive oil in her hair, she had very soft, shiny, manageable hair. We now use the olive oil treatment several times a year.

Don't Over-Wash Hair

I have very straight long hair that goes past my waist, and it has been long for most of my life. I have found that over-washing my hair makes it really dry at the ends. I wash my hair every third day. I have found that conventional shampoos leave my hair dry and all-natural shampoos (shampoos without all the harmful chemicals) leave it looking greasy. I have fixed this by using two parts all-natural shampoo and one part conventional shampoo. I do not use a conditioner at all. This leaves my hair nice and shiny. Blow drying my hair also makes it dry, so I always let my hair dry on its own.
Jessica in Bristow, VA

Coconut Oil as Conditioner

I use coconut oil as a conditioner. I can get it in my grocery store. It's the consistency of shortening. I put it in my hair and leave it in overnight. I then wash it out in the morning. I find it works better than any other conditioner I have ever tried, and I can use it as often as I like. I use it once per week most of the time. In the summer, when I am in the pool a lot, I increase it to three times per week. I just slather it in and put my hair in a ponytail or braid high up on my head. You may have to change your pillowcase more often, but it's worth it.

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Beautiful Hair for Pennies

A hot oil treatment can do wonders for dry hair for only pennies. It's easy. Just heat about a quarter to a half of a cup of oil (I prefer olive oil) in the microwave. You may need less or more depending on your hair length.

After the oil is heated to a reasonable temperature, simply comb it through your hair. Add a moist hot towel. I prefer to put a disposable shower cap between the towel and my hair to make clean up easier. The hot towel keeps the oil hot longer.

When your hair cools, about 20 minutes or so, simply wash it with a gentle shampoo. You may not need any conditioner at all, since some oil will remain in your hair. In fact, you may have to wash twice to remove enough of the oil, depending on how much you used.

You can do this as often as you wish, but you will probably find that one to four times a month is plenty.

Between hot oil treatments, you can use your own leave-in conditioner, made by diluting regular conditioner with water. For convenience, you may want to put it in a spray bottle and spray a little on while styling.
Barbara in CT

Before Modern Conditioners…

Before modern expensive conditioners, there were natural dry hair solutions that did a wonderful job of conditioning very dry hair. Two to try are olive oil or mayonnaise.

For the olive oil conditioner, pour several tablespoons (for shorter hair, use less) into a container and microwave for a few seconds. It should be warm, but not hot. Work the olive oil through your hair. Next, wrap your hair in plastic wrap. Then get an old bath towel and soak it in hot water. Wring the towel out and wrap it around the plastic wrap. Every 10 minutes or so, remove the towel, renew the heat by soaking in hot water again, wring out, and re-wrap. After 30 to 40 minutes, remove the towel and plastic wrap and wash and condition as usual.

The mayonnaise works the same way, but there is no need to heat it up. Use a few tablespoons and work through your hair. Then proceed with the plastic wrap and hot towel treatment as above.

These are simple conditioners that most people are likely to have in their cupboards, and they are inexpensive. Your hair will be beautiful and glossy. The results will be so much better than with any of those expensive conditioners that are over-advertised and cost so much.

Reviewed May 2017

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