Looking for safe ways to fight carpenter ants

How to Control Carpenter Ants

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Lately I've been finding a lot of big ants around my deck and lawn shed. I'm told they're carpenter ants. Is there something I can use to get rid of them? Preferably something that's safe for my kids and our dog?

Use Half Baby Powder and Half Diatomaceous Earth

Try mixing half baby powder and half diatomaceous earth. Just sprinkle this around on the ground where you see the ants. We even dusted it into the cracks of the wood around a flowerbed. This is safe to have around animals, and children aren't likely to bother it. I used food grade diatomaceous earth.

Sugar and Borax Worked for Her

Mix equal amounts sugar and borax and spread around area where ants are coming in. Ants like the sugar and will take it back to the nest where they expire from the borax. Better this way than having lots of dead ants in your house! I think you could also mix in some dirt, so as not to attract your dog and children.
Donna V.

Head for the Trees

Carpenter ants live in trees, so look around your yard for their home. They only come into the house for food, so one must keep all the food off the kitchen counter or floors. I had a professional take care of mine because I didn't know what to do. He said that I may have to repeat spraying the insect killer in their home a couple of times to take care of all of the babies, etc. You can buy insect spray for carpenter ants at your hardware store.

Boiling Water Does the Trick

Pouring boiling water into their nest or wherever you see them coming through. If you do this every couple of days for a few weeks, it should take care of the problem. Worked for me.

Gone Within 48 Hours

Try diatomaceous earth. This is harmless to pets and humans but will attack the bugs' exoskeleton, and they will die within 48 hours. This can be found at farm supply stores or Lowe's.

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