Making your driveway look clean and new again

How to Clean Cement Driveways

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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How to Clean Cement Driveways

My cement driveway has picked up a lot of stains (mostly oil drips). What's the best way to clean a cement driveway? I'd like to do it as easy and inexpensively as possible.

Use Dawn

Soak the stains with Dawn dish detergent for a few hours. Rinse and repeat.
Michelle (via Facebook)

Solution is Quick, Easy and Cheap!

When I worked at a drive-in restaurant, we had this problem. The solution was simple. Sprinkle some cheap clay-based kitty litter on the spot. Wear old shoes. Let it sit for a bit and then rub it in with the toe/ball of your foot. Sweep it up. The oil spot should be gone. If it is not, sprinkle it again and rub with your toe until the spot is gone. It is quick, easy, and cheap.

Ask Your Mechanic

When the concrete floor of my carport was stained with oil, I knew that would get me in trouble with the landlord. When I took my leaky old car in for repairs, I asked the mechanic what to do. He was nice enough to help me. He filled an old can with some special powder he uses in his business. It is designed to soak up oil spills, and then you sweep it away. You can follow up with a blast from your water hose. I don't know what the product was called, but it worked great! The landlord never found out about the mess. I bet your local auto mechanic shop can tell you what they use and where to get it. Also, I've heard that cat litter works, but I've never tried it.

Clean with Pressure Washer

We've had a lot of luck with a pressure washer. It works wonders on our cement driveway!

Cat Litter Works Wonders

Cleaning concrete driveways is always a chore unless you get to it fast. Try using TSP, found in the paint section of Home depot or your paint store. Mix it with water, make a paste, and apply it to the oil. Let it stand there for a while and then use a power washer to blast it off. In the future, if you find that a car leaked oil, quickly go out and spread cat litter on it to soak it up. You can also ask your leaking car friends or family to park on the street instead of your driveway.

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