Where can you go to find good coupons?

Finding Good Coupons

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Finding Good Coupons

My grocery bill keeps going up, so I've decided that I need to start using coupons. I will not use them the way they do on TV, but realistically. We don't get the newspaper, so where's the best place to find good coupons?

Finding Good Coupons in Canada

If anyone is looking for a good place to get coupons in Canada, I found a great spot! I usually go to CanadianCouponQueen and follow the link at the top of the page to get coupons. Please check with your supermarket or usual store to see if they accept print-at-home coupons. (Some stores don't.) There are links to sites that will mail you coupons via snail mail as well as let you print them. If you have a Facebook page, try looking up couponing groups (I found one in my area) where there are virtual (and in-person) coupon swap meets.

Internet Is Full of Coupons

For anything I buy online, I always check RetailMeNot.com to see if there are any coupon codes I can use, and I try all of their listed codes to see which ones will work (sometimes the "expired" ones still work, depending on the website).

If I'm trying to get a discount on a specific product, I also check the manufacturer's website to see if they offer free samples or coupons there. Facebook pages for the company are also a good bet for finding coupons, though you typically have to "like" their page first.

There are also a lot of websites like Coupons.com that offer national coupons on everyday items like laundry detergent and the like. You can also sign up for your local grocery store's weekly fliers to be emailed to you, which will alert you to discounts that may not even require coupons!

Finding Good Coupons You'll Actually Use

One good resource for coupons is CouponMom.com. You can sign up for free and have access to many coupons! The site lets you search by store, location, etc., so you can find the ones you will actually use.

Forget About Finding Good Coupons

The best way to handle rising grocery bills is not coupons. They focus on processed foods that are high in sodium, artificial flavors, etc. The ultimate frugal tool is your chef knife and some basic recipes. Don't buy pancake mix when all you need is some flour, milk, an egg or two, and baking powder. I make bread for my family. The whole grain loaves cost less than a dollar apiece. Stock up on kitchen essentials instead of boxed meals. I have three adults at home, and we average $65 per week in groceries, and we use fresh fruit and vegetables.

Let Others Know You're Looking for Coupons

I do not get a paper either. In order to get coupons, my family and neighbors give me their coupons after they have gone through them. At work, we have a coupon container. When we're done with a coupon, we put it in the container to share with others. Also, make sure you are on your favorite products' mailing lists. They like to send coupons, too. You can also print coupons from reputable online sources. I save about 30% combining my coupons with sales at the grocery store.

Great Book to Read

I just read an excellent book on couponing that I was able to order from my library system. It's Be CentsAble by Chrissy Pate and Kristin McKee. It explains different ways to obtain coupons and how to use them most effectively. It would be a great place to start learning about coupons.

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