The right house sitting job could cut your vacation costs in half

How House Sitting Can Cut Your Vacation Costs

by Mel Bridge

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Everyone has vacation dreams: to bask in the sun on a picturesque beach, explore forests, climb mountains, roam the streets of a strange city, taste exotic cuisine, make new friends or simply get a much-needed break amid new surroundings. But, in the current financial climate, it's becoming more difficult to make your dreams come true.

Vacations don't come cheap.

So, you scrimp, cut corners, and do without a lot of things to save up for that vacation, but the numbers still don't seem to add up. There are plane tickets or gasoline bills to consider, the cost of hotel rooms or hostel accommodations, food and touring charges to calculate. You surf the net for airline discount fares, search for hotel promo packages, and dig into the travel guides to look for bargains. Still, the whole package can add up to a pretty penny, especially if the whole family is involved.

Accommodation and food are major considerations.

Accommodation is one of the biggest expense items in any vacation. In New York City, the average daily hotel room rate in 2012 was $350 while a room in Paris will cost you about $309 a day. You can stay in a motel in Omaha, Nebraska for $50 a night or find a budget hotel in Bangkok for a little under $10 a day. Whichever range you choose, it can still take a big bite out of your vacation budget. Food is another big vacation expense. Unless you're satisfied with fast food morning, noon and night, eating in restaurants can be expensive.

You don't have to pay for accommodation.

House sitting is the solution. By taking a house sitting assignment in the place you want to visit, you can save yourself a great deal of money. House sitting wipes out accommodation expenses completely. You can choose the kind of house you'd like to house sit under terms and conditions that will give you time to move around on days off to enjoy the area. You'll have an entire house to yourself for free, minus the cost, hustle and bustle of a hotel or motel. Think of what you can do with the money you save to make your vacation more enjoyable. With no accommodation costs, you also can spend more time in your chosen destination.

Cut the food bill.

House sitting also allows you free use of a kitchen. You can save a lot on food expenses by shopping in local grocery stores and markets, cooking your own food, and enjoying your meals in the comfort of a home. This lets you reserve your vacation food budget for special nights out, shopping, or other treats you'd like to give yourself on your vacation.

Imagine how much simpler life could be if you were debt free. Now take the first step to getting there.

Earn some money, too.

Some home owners will pay you for house sitting if you attend to a few other tasks as well. These could include tending the garden, forwarding mail and messages, taking care of utilities, or supervising minor house repairs. If you find a house sitting job that entails pet sitting, then you can really earn a decent amount while you're on vacation.

A house sitting job gives you the time to really settle down in a place and be comfortable. You'll learn to move around like a native, meet people, and make new friends. And these are things that even the biggest vacation budget can't buy.

Reviewed March 2017

Mel Bridge is a blogger and travel writer who works from home. Someone else's home that is - thanks to his discovery of house sitting. He joined the ranks of house sitters available on the MindaHome website for whom he currently writes.

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