We explore working at home for MTurk.com

Working at Home with MTurk.com

by Deb Killion

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(editor's note: The Dollar Stretcher and Deborah Killion have no financial arrangement with MTurk.com. We are not compensated in any way if you choose to join them.)

Today we are talking about a little known work at home opportunity known as MTurk.com. Mturk stands for "mechanical turk." MTurk.com is the brainchild of Amazon, one of the most visited sites in the world, with millions shopping daily on their sales portal. Mturk.com allows you to do small work at home jobs, known as "microtasks," which only take a few minutes to do. Some tasks only take seconds to complete. The work at home tasks for MTurk.com can vary from simple clicking on links and copying small text bytes to writing a review or watching a video. Mturk.com is similar to mobileworks.com and crowdsource.com . These sites work basically the same way. They serve as a portal site for companies and work at home workers looking for small jobs for pay.

Often these small micro tasks you find on MTurk.com are really just pieces of a much larger task that a company needs done, such as research and development or a national advertising campaign. Your small contributions to the work for clients of MTurk.com help make the larger job successful, so if you are looking for a work at home job that only requires a little time to complete tasks, then this might be an opportunity for you.

If you do decide to try out this work at home option with MTurk.com, make sure you get qualified for as many tasks as possible. The more qualifications you get on MTurk.com, the more work you can do for higher pay. But don't expect to get rich with this work at home job. The most you can expect is a little extra money that requires minimal effort and time on your part. The best thing about MTurk.com work at home opportunity is the fact that you may be able to get a bigger job because of MTurk.com.

Some companies on mturk.com are "auditioning workers" on this site by putting little small "odd jobs" out for work at home workers to attempt. If you do a good job, and they like your work, they may contact you for more jobs. Or you can be assertive and contact them. This could lead to a better work at home opportunity in the future, because the company has had a chance to see your work before hiring you.

I have noticed many of the jobs on this site are related to audio and video transcription. There seems to be a need for transcribers, so if you have a keen ear, and want to work at home doing transcription, this may be a good opportunity for you to get you started.

I do have an active account with MTurk.com and occasionally still go in and check to see what type of work at home jobs are available, but I am so busy lately with my writing career and technology company that I cannot afford to accept such low compensation for my time on miniscule tasks.

MTurk.com pays you through the Amazon payments system, which is the same system that pays you if you sell goods on Amazon. They pay you via direct deposit to the bank account you have on record with Amazon payments. You do have to wait until your earnings are around $25 or more before they will send your money. I have not yet worked up to this point, due to all of the other things I am involved with.

Amazon pays on time so you will never have to worry about being paid, as soon as you work up to their minimum payout amount.

Because I know people generally like to have an hourly figure on how much you can expect to make, I have tried to think of an amount I can mention for this simple work at home opportunity. As I said earlier, you won't ever get rich doing just this work at home job. But it is something you can do once in a while, in spare moments, when you don't have anything better to do, to make some extra cash. If someone were to do this work at home job for MTurk.com for a solid hour, depending on the tasks involved, you might make around $8-$10 in a given hour on average. But this would not be consistent since the type of jobs and amount of pay varies so much.

Consider this work at home opportunity something to do as a supplemental income to other work at home jobs or as a way to connect to some of the companies for bigger work at home opportunities. One thing you could do to increase your earnings with this type of work at home job is to do several for different crowd sourcing type companies in addition to MTurk.com. I have provided some links below to get you started.

You can find more information by following these links about MTurk.com and other similar platforms. Good luck in your work at home job search!

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Watch this interview with the author on her experience with MTurk.com:

Deborah Killion has tried many work-at-home opportunities to supplement her growing technology business and has worked for LiveOps before and still has an active contract. She offers advice to others looking for work-at-home jobs as a good supplemental income and helps you to avoid scams.

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