Let the cable companies compete for your money

How to Save Money by Changing Cable Companies

by Nayri Leanna Gregor

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Most cable companies are anxiously competing for your shopper dollars and willing to offer up extra perks and discounts when they find out you're considering a switch. Many people get so caught up in the name of the company or the fact that they have been with them for so long that they forget about the possibilities of savings hundreds of dollars on recurring bills. Don't pay the high price of your cable company, turning it into one of those "comfortable relationships." Cut the cord and move on. Here are four steps to help you make the switch and leverage your savings:

  1. Do your homework. Use services like Cablemover.com, database that gives you access to offers from over ten different cable service providers such as Time Warner, Cox, and Comcast. You'll be prompted to enter your address to review the provider options in your area. The trick to saving is knowing about the different price options and companies available to service your home. Keep in mind that Verizon FiOS is not a listed vendor on the site, so check their website separately before going to the next step.
  2. Compare. If you have the option to choose from more than one provider, compare prices and deals on different plans by using Cable.TV. This site allows you to compare prices on internet, phone, and satellite services from all of the leading providers. Use the live chat option or call your potential cable providers to ask about discounted rates and special offers. Don't be afraid to use their competitor's prices to negotiate a lower price with your preferred cable company. Lots of companies are given a little leeway to work with customers so that their prices stay competitive.
  3. Bundle. Try Bundle My Services to compare bundle prices and savings with a convenient side-by-side chart. By bundling your services, you can consolidate bills, get additional features (e.g. higher speeds, premium channels, added security, etc.), and get lower prices. Additionally, Companies like Charter Cable offer the price guarantee, ensuring the best price on the market, if you choose to bundle. Be sure to ask your service provider if they have the same type of offer. But remember to shop around because not all companies provide truly discounted bundling. They may slap on some hidden costs to offset the discount, so be sure to ask about the possibility of additional charges and fees.
  4. Score deeper discounts. Once you've found the best prices and perks that work for you, don't settle just yet! Look for online coupons for additional discounts on your monthly cable bill. Take your savings even further by searching for similar online coupons and flash sales for TVs, sound systems, DVRs, and other home entertainment essentials to enhance your new cable service.

Maximize your wallet by letting the cable companies battle it out for your hard-earned cash. As the world moves from brick and mortar shopping to digital bargain hunting extravaganzas, it gives us the opportunity to shave off a few bucks here and there and put it back in our pockets (where it belongs).

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