Making your sink look new again

Renewing Bathroom Sinks

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Renewing Bathroom Sinks

Is there a way to renew bathroom sinks? We have two molded one-piece sink/countertops, and both are scratched. Most of the scratches are in the bottom of the bowl.

Look for DIY Kits

Scratches can be sanded and polished. There are DIY kits out there depending on the material your sinks are made of.
Karen (via Facebook)

Look for Replacement Sink

There are companies out there that do this kind of thing, but the cost is almost as much as a new sink. Many years ago, a relative of mine used a kind of epoxy paint to refinish the sink and it lasted until they sold the house. There are probably new products out now, so go to a big box store or a big paint store and ask. They will be able to answer questions.

A second alternative, if you are handy with plumbing, is to watch garage sales for a used sink or to keep your eyes open as you are driving around for sites where someone may be in the process of remodeling. You can probably get a sink for free this way.

May Be Worth a Try

I have not tried this, but it seems to me that a formula that you can use to make the headlights clear on an old car again might work. I found mine at Dollar General, but I'm sure that an auto parts store would have something like it. It's usually no more than $5 for a small bottle, which seems to last forever.

Touch Up Sink

To renew bathroom sinks (or other appliances), you can use appliance touch up paint. It comes in a little bottle like nail polish, and it even comes in different colors.

Or, if it is really bad, you can re-glaze it using the method here.
Crystal in Oklahoma

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