New clothes when you don't have any money

A Wardrobe Swap Party

by Julieanna Fisico

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Do you have too many clothes but nothing to wear? For most people, completely revamping your wardrobe by going on a shopping spree just isn't an option, especially if you've got bills to pay or kids to feed. And just think about all that time you'll spend sorting through clothes at the store, which will eventually just end up with you settling on the same old thing, time and time again. Here's a solution that will rekindle your love for your wardrobe and get you feeling great about getting dressed again (and won't cost you a penny)!

Have a wardrobe swap party. You don't need those jeans you haven't worn in two years or that dress that is just a little too snug. Instead of gathering them up and throwing them out, put them to good use! Everyone's got clothes they want to get rid of, but just getting rid of things and gaining nothing is no fun at all!

So this time, here's what you should do:

  • Call up some friends and let them know that you're hosting a swap party.
  • Get everyone to gather a few clothing items they no longer want (accessories and shoes are great too!) and bring them over one night.
  • Obviously, make sure the clothing is still in decent condition.
  • Set up a nice, open space to go through everything when your friends come over.
  • Have some snacks, go through each other's finds, and trade!
  • Take anything that's unclaimed at the end to a donation box.

This can also be a fantastic idea if you have kids. They grow so fast that clothing can really get expensive. Also, if we're being realistic, children like to change their minds about what is "cool" to wear week-to-week, so that money could end up going straight into the garbage if they refuse to wear what you've bought them. Talk to a few other moms or dads in your area (or in the family) and set up a swap party for your kids.

Having a simple wardrobe swap party is one of the best ways to save valuable time and money searching for new clothes. It's fun! You can grab some really great items and get rid of things you don't want that are just taking up space in your closet. Having even just a few new items in your wardrobe can make you feel like a whole new person and give you your confidence back. Save time and money with a swap party!

Reviewed June 2017

Julieanna Fisico is a university student from Toronto, Ontario. She enjoys writing about beauty, as well as finding and writing about creative ways to live on a budget.

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