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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Review

by Kathleen M.A. Powell

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Does Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs really work? It sure does for me and I'm almost certain that it will work for you. My favorite feature of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is that it does not make your skin look orange. The only way you could possibly look like an "Oompa Loompa" is if you choose a shade that is five times darker than your current skin tone. So, let's get real. If you have fair skin, it's best to stick with a light to medium shade. Sally Hansen spray tan does offer shade choices in light, medium, tan, and dark glow. Hey, I thought they only did nail products? It was a surprise to me but quite a pleasant one.

Another cool feature is that it is easy to work with. Don't be fooled by the presumed ease of an aerosol because you still have to put a little work into using this leg makeup. Try starting with a couple quick sprays on one part of your leg and use a gentle rubbing motion to blend in the product. Move on to the next section and repeat. It really doesn't take long to apply Sally Hansen spray tan. It is recommended that the product be allowed to dry for 60 seconds before getting dressed. I usually let it set for about 20 minutes while I do my hair and makeup, and I've never had it rub off onto my clothing. On the same token, I've left the house to go to work and realized that the top of my foot was a little smeared as I was walking to my car, but it was still easy to blend it in. A few more rubs did the trick with not much left on my hands. I am still able to touch the steering wheel without leaving a sticky residual mess.

There is no staining of the hands because it is not a self-tanner. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is a temporary cover, just like foundation, and easily comes off with soap and water. There is no need to exfoliate to remove this product from the hands or legs later on. On the top of the bottle is the claim that it is water resistant. I haven't jumped into any pools with Sally Hansen spray tan on my legs and I probably never will. So, you can try it at your own risk at the next pool party.

I've noticed that this leg makeup is being sold for a few different prices but all have been under $20. One bottle has lasted me since last summer. I don't spray my entire body, but I do use it on my legs and arms almost every day during the warmer months. My arms and legs also look more toned, especially when I apply it around my muscles. I can pump iron all I want, but I don't mind taking a break in order to give me an instant "ripped" look while relaxing in a chair. A little rubbing is all it takes and no sweating is involved. This sounds like a plus in my book.

Although a professional spray tan looks fabulous, it is possible to achieve a similar result at home with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It won't last as long, but it's definitely an awesome substitute for pasty legs. Do I look like I'm wearing pantyhose? Nope, but they sure do look a heck-of-a-lot better. My varicose veins and sun spots are less noticeable and my legs have a slight shimmer without looking silly. I will continue to use this leg makeup over a professional spray tan because of its affordability and remarkable quality. Plus, I am not really into standing naked in front of people. I'd rather apply a tan on my own in the comfort of my dimly lit home.

Reviewed March 2018

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