What should you consider when buying a mattress?

How To: Mattress Buying

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Buying a Mattress

We want to buy a new mattress, but there are so many different choices out there that I don't know where to begin. How do I decide whether spring count, memory foam, or pillow tops are important? I am not so much looking for which brand is best, but rather how I can compare different mattresses to see which mattress is the best buy. Can anyone help?

Consider Store Brands When Buying a Mattress

When we were looking, just last year, we found the spring to be cheaper, but the warranty wasn't anywhere near that of memory foam. We tried all three types in stores and decided to go with memory foam. Our sleep has improved and our pain has decreased. Even after a year, the mattress feels just like it did when we first bought it. So, between the spring and foam, the foam is a better investment, for us, long term. We tried a few pillow tops, but they were rather soft for us and we both have back issues, so we knew we wouldn't want to venture there. We tried the name brand and the store brand. In our opinion, the store brand was comparable to the name brand at a fraction of the cost.
Dawn (via Facebook)

Back Pain Stopped with Purchase of Mattress

My husband has terrible back issues, and we splurged on the top of the line Sterns and Foster mattress with pillow top memory foam. His back no longer hurts, so it was worth the money! I also heard that the ones with the cooling gel are nice.
Stephanie (via Facebook)

Lie on It in the Store!

That is what did it for me. The salesman was about 6 ft. tall and 250 lbs. He told me to lie down on the bed and close my eyes. (My sister was with me, so I was safe.) He took a running leap and plopped on the bed. I didn't feel a thing! I bought the bed immediately.
Michelle (via Facebook)

Buyer Beware

I had a Serta perfect sleeper that was full size. I needed a twin for my son. So, I cut open my fancy expensive mattress and cut some springs out to make it a twin size. There was nothing to it. It was springs covered by padding and fabric. That is not worth what they are charging in stores today. $500 to $1800? Some memory foam might be more comfortable, but it can be bought separately and added on top of any mattress you buy. I bought myself a new mattress from the clearance section because it had a rip in the fabric. I added a 3" memory foam topper, and it couldn't be more comfortable.
Karen (via Facebook)

A Person's Weight Should Be a Factor

Recently, I had a discussion with one of my family members about buying mattresses. One of the biggest bits of information that was recommended to me was the importance in considering a person's physical weight when choosing a mattress. Yes, there are all kinds of mattresses out there, but how do these respond to one's weight? I have heard that sales people don't take that into account.

Shortly after this, I had a discussion with a sales person because I am looking for a new electric bed. This salesperson did ask me about my weight. He explained that the thickness of the mattress to weight ratio is very important. Keep the weight ratio in mind and do more research on the Internet.

Two Resources to Check Out

There are two resources I can definitely recommend for comparing mattresses. For a general overview, read the mattress report on ConsumerSearch. This covers all the basics, including what to look for in a mattress, how to shop, the pros and cons of different types of mattresses, and the best-rated models of each type.

For more in-depth information, check out Sleep Like the Dead. The editors of this site have analyzed thousands of user reviews to see what customers have to say about different types, brands, and models of mattresses. You can get detailed ratings on factors like comfort, support, and durability.

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