A review of the LiveOps work-at-home opportunity

Working for LiveOps

by Deborah L. Killion

(editor's note: The Dollar Stretcher and Deb Killion have no financial arrangement with LiveOps for this review. We are not compensated in any way if you choose to join them.)

If you are looking for an outstanding, legitimate work-at-home opportunity, working for LiveOps is a great option. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, LiveOps is actually a growing technology company, which calls itself the "contact center in the cloud." Former Vice-President of Community Operations for LiveOps, Tim Whipple, had a lot to do with its success. However, he recently moved to a similar position at a place called Support Space, another work-at-home company, which offers tech support to people through a similar platform.

The LiveOps work-at-home opportunity is all about customer service, but it is also a good sales job where customers call you. If you like to talk on the phone to people, take orders or do sales, this is the job for you! And the best part, of course, is this is all a telecommute (work-at-home) opportunity! When you work at home, you can work in your PJs, get some coffee, make the short walk down the hall to your home office, crank up your computer, and start taking calls. It's that simple!

This work-at-home job with LiveOps pays on average around $15 per hour if you have a good rating. The way you get that rating is to be there consistently when you say you will (called "commits"), do a good job on the phones, and have a positive attitude, being careful to follow the guidelines they have set forth in the training. You also have a way to increase your pay, which is discussed later in this article.

This work-at-home company uses cutting-edge technology and LiveOps is known as the #1 call center in the US according to most sources, due to the quality of service clients receive and the volume of calls. Call volume does fluctuate from time to time, but you will still get plenty of work. It is considered one of the best work-at-home opportunities available today in the customer service realm.

To explain further what this work-at-home job is about, try to remember the last time you saw a TV ad with a product for sale. You noticed it, liked it, picked up the phone, and got an operator, who proceeded to tell you all about the product, answer your questions, and take your order. Now, imagine yourself on the other side of this conversation because that is what you will be doing with a work-at-home opportunity with LiveOps. You are actually in business for yourself, representing LiveOps' clientele, the Fortune 500 companies who run ads on national media.

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The whole system at the LiveOps work-at-home call center is set up to channel calls from viewers who view national TV or radio ad roll-outs to "work-at-home agents" that take the orders and use an onscreen prompt or "script," so you never have to make anything up. The browser script tells you everything you need to say. With time, you can put more of your personality into it though, and that's what makes you good.

Another outstanding feature of this work-at-home opportunity with LiveOps is the flexible hours. Whether you are a full-time mom, disabled worker, or a part-time college student, there are times you can sign up for that will allow you to work around any schedule. They are open seven days a week, 24/7, 365 days a year! You also have the option of signing up for commits or just signing in anytime, but preference on calls goes to committed agents first.

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Also, a work-at-home job with LiveOps offers a lot of opportunities for growth and increased income. For example, if you improve in your sales technique, you will receive more pay for doing "upsells" to customers. If you happen to be a licensed insurance agent in your state, the licensed insurance agents on LiveOps typically make between $20-$30 per hour, depending on their rate of conversion. I worked the insurance line mostly with LiveOps and averaged around $27 on a good hour.

The way LiveOps pays is simple. You get $.25 per minute in general (depending on the line you are working at the time) with a chance to make more on commissions for more sales (conversions). Once you get good at this, where you are converting more calls to actual sales, you will see your pay increase.

Also with LiveOps, there is a ton of training and webinar options to choose from at any time, so you always have a chance to improve your skills. The LiveOps work-at-home community is a nice, friendly group of people who are happy to help you with any issues. LiveOps does pay regularly (on the 1st and 16th of the month) based on the amount of work you did, sales conversions, etc. for the preceding two weeks.

My personal experience with this work-at-home LiveOps job has been very good. Some people work at home full time with this opportunity and have reported in the forums to make $2,000 or more per month. I never reached that pinnacle of income, but that is because I only considered it a part-time job and had a technology business to run also. Dependent upon the time you have to devote to it, you can make a good income with this work-at-home opportunity. I always had lots of help if I needed it, and they respond quickly to emails and pay on time.

There is a $46 fee for a background check to join LiveOps. This keeps some people from wanting to do it, but it is the only fee you'll ever pay and there is always an investment with anything worthwhile. I have seen some people post in forums that if you have to pay a company, they're a scam. That's not true. Just check into why a work-at-home company is asking for this, but in the case of LiveOps, they have to do a background check due to all the fraud out there. You will be taking sensitive credit card and other information from people who call. It is to protect both you and the consumers.

In summary, LiveOps is a great work-at-home opportunity because it enables you to decide your own schedule, work at home as much or as little as you choose, and increase your pay by experience and level of performance. At LiveOps, you are in business for yourself as an independent contractor so no taxes are withheld.

This work-at-home opportunity was perfect for me due to the flexible schedule, as it enabled me time to work on my technology business as well. The opportunity appealed to me due to my background in radio announcing and sales. The only reason I went in search of other opportunities was because I didn't want to be tied to the phones all day. I still work LiveOps occasionally and enjoy it very much.

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Reviewed February 2018

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Deborah Killion has tried many work-at-home opportunities to supplement her growing technology business and has worked for LiveOps before and still has an active contract. She offers advice to others looking for work-at-home jobs as a good supplemental income and helps you to avoid scams.

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