How to save money buying vitamins and supplements online

Buying Vitamins and Supplements Online

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Buying Vitamins and Supplements Online

Recently I've been adding some vitamins and supplements to my diet. I'm feeling better, but my budget is beginning to show the strain. I just spent over $100 at GNC. Is there anywhere online that I can save some money buying vitamins and supplements?

Visit Puritan's Pride

Use Puritan's Pride online. They are constantly offering a "Buy 2 Get 3 Free" for most vitamins and sometimes even free shipping. I usually order enough for a full year and pay a little over $100 for enough for daily vitamins for my husband and myself. Give it a try!

Don't Bother Buying Vitamins and Supplements Online

As a nurse I just can't let this go. Most Americans are not at risk for vitamin deficiencies. Your body can only absorb a limited amount and the rest is eliminated in your urine. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables and pocket the savings on vitamin pills with a purchase that makes you happy.
Lisa (via Facebook)

Enjoy Good Deals and Variety

Try They frequently have good deals and a lot of variety.

Consider the Dollar General

Look at stores like Dollar General or Family Dollar. They have a vitamin section that is decent and inexpensive.
Rachel (via Facebook)

Visit Amazon When Buying Vitamins and Supplements Online

Amazon has the best value on brand name vitamins that I have found. I actually save a bunch by watching ads. CVS sells their brand at "buy one, get one free" about every other month, and they do compare very well with the fancy name brands.

Discounted Vitamins at Swanson

I buy most of my vitamins and supplements at They have an extensive variety in their own brand and sell other brands as well, usually at a discount from regular vitamin stores.

She's Saved Thousands with

I buy supplements from the discount vitamin store called There is no sales tax, and they have speedy service. Every product is discounted. They have free domestic shipping for orders over $40.

Quantity discounts are an additional perk available on some individual items and your total order amount may also be further reduced by an additional tiered discount plan. They house all supplements in their air-conditioned warehouse. I have saved thousands of dollars over the years, and I am very satisfied with this company.

Just Go with the Cheapest

As far as I know, from everything I've read, the vitamins and supplements that you buy in the grocery store or discount drugstore are exactly the same as those at an expensive health food store. You can Google this and research it online if you like.

I'm very healthy, and I have never bought any vitamins or supplements anywhere but the cheapest place I can find! My doctor agrees with me.

eBay Offers Another Online Alternative

My husband also spends a lot of money each month on supplements he takes. He was buying at a local store, and I started to do some research online and found I could save quite a bit by buying vitamins and supplements online. I purchase his vitamins/supplements from eBay. I only buy from sellers with 100% positive feedback. In the store, one of his vitamin/supplements was $36 plus tax. I was able to buy the same thing online for $23 with free shipping. You can also do a search on websites like Nextag. It compares the prices to online stores for what you are looking for and tells you the best price. You can also set up the website to notify you when an item reaches a price you like.

Try Vitamin Shoppe Online or In Store

The Vitamin Shoppe has most of the major brands of vitamins at really good prices. The store brand prices are even better. Shipping is free for orders over $25 and many times they will send you a coupon for 20% off. You can use them online or in the store. Delivery time is usually three to five days with the free shipping.

The website has reviews of many different products, so if you want to try something new, you can see what other people think of the product. I have saved quite a bit since I have been shopping with them. I wait for the 20% coupons, stock up on everything, and then get free shipping to boot. You also earn points every time you shop, and they are redeemable at the end of the year. I have not been shopping there long enough to redeem any points, so I cannot tell you how well that works.

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