What would it take to start a green cleaning business using only natural products?

Starting a Green Cleaning Business

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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I want to start a green cleaning business. I would go into other people's homes/businesses and clean for them, but unlike most, I'd only use natural cleaners. I've struggled with chemical allergies and know how bad they can be. I figure that there must be other people who would like to have their house cleaned but can't because of the chemicals that would be used. I could help them. Has anyone tried this? Does this sound like an idea that would work?

Focus on Word of Mouth Referrals

Good for you wanting to start a green cleaning business that is good for you, your clients, and the planet. If I could afford a housekeeper, I would only consider hiring a green cleaning business. Your job would be to let potential clients know that tough jobs can be done perfectly with natural products. Perhaps you might consider making your own products also. Word of mouth referrals seem to work well, so make your first few customers very happy.

Green Cleaning Seems Lucrative

Here in Naples, FL, most of the cleaning services offer "green" cleaning options, and it seems to be the preferable method, so it must be pretty lucrative! I choose this because my husband is a stroke victim, and I want to keep chemicals from him and away from my grandsons.

Target to Specific Clientele

Check in at the front desk of your local allergist's office and see if they will let you post a business card on their bulletin board, if they have one, or on the front window. Also, post at the offices of rheumatologists and pediatricians, health food stores, and on Craigslist.

When Starting a Green Cleaning Business, Differentiate from the Pack!

I love the idea of someone starting a green cleaning business and using cleaners without harsh chemicals! I would look to hire someone who had that as an advertised quality over a traditional cleaning company. I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and hate the chemical cleaners. They give me headaches (and who knows what else). What a great way to differentiate from the pack!

Shaklee® has an entire line of safe cleaners. I know people who sell these products, and I use many of them myself. Plus, you can use vinegar, baking soda, and other safe household items to clean. Now, more than ever, there is a market for this. Plus, I think the start-up costs would be reasonable, possibly even cheaper than with traditional cleaners.

The Trick Is Finding Good Help

There is a business like that here in Portland, OR. My daughter uses their services. She pays $30 an hour, which is about $5 more than the going rate. This covers the cleaning products and cloth rags, which are provided by the agency. Part is paid to the agency and the rest goes to the cleaner. There is a three hour per visit minimum. The cleaner moves very fast from room to room, finishing one room before going to another. This can be a good business if you can find good people to work for you.

Make Your Purpose Clear

I live in CA, and there are definitely businesses that offer "green" cleaning. I've called a few, and some don't seem very clear on why they are green! My suggestion is to be able to say succinctly why you are a green cleaning service.

I only use non-chemical products, so I appreciate your consideration in wanting to offer this service!

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Success Depends on Locations

I think it sounds like a good idea. A lot might depend on your location. You need a population that would use the service.
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