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A Review of Talk2Rep

by Deb Killion

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(editor's note: The Dollar Stretcher and Deborah Killion have no financial arrangement with Talk2Rep. We are not compensated in any way if you choose to join them.)

If you want to work at home and are looking for a chat job, Talk2Rep may be the perfect work-at-home chat job for you. Talk2Rep employs hundreds of "work at home" agents all over the US to handle incoming chats from customers, 24 hours a day. Talk2Rep chat jobs offer a call center and chat-based solution for customers of such companies as AT&T, as well as other wireless service providers, and others in such industries as health care, insurance, technology, and travel, to name a few.

The Talk2Rep work at home chat job position allows you to serve as a "middleman" between clients and their customers. Talk2Rep focuses more on chat services than actual phone work. There are two major work-at-home chat job opportunities for Talk2Rep employees. You may choose either Talk2Rep customer service or a chat job in service and sales. With the customer service chat job, at Talk2Rep, you work for a flat rate or a pay per minute rate, based on your level of performance, but you do not have to worry about sales. On the sales line, you still do customer service, but in the chat job sales position, you also guide a customer to a sale, and you get a commission. Either opportunity is good, but if you like sales, you might want to apply for the sales chat job, as it is more lucrative.

Either way, you will be expected to be friendly, fast, and efficient, as you will often have to handle two to three customer chats at once. You will need to be able to manipulate different windows on your desktop, refer to references from the company's website, and maintain a courteous manner. So you have to be good at "multi-tasking." In this Talk2Rep chat job, all grammar and sentence structure is expected to be near perfect. They have a very low tolerance for choppy grammar or "internet slang." So don't consider this a work at home chat job that is like texting a friend.

The training with Talk2Rep takes about a full week and is very thorough, so don't worry if you don't think you are ready to do all this in one day! Talk2Rep will train you even one-on-one if needed, and they will not release you to take real chats until they are convinced you can do the job.

Though Talk2Rep does have some phone work available, they focus on their chat job positions. They currently have positions open as of this writing in both customer service and sales for work at home agents.

As a T2R agent, you are the first point of contact of a client to the customer. You must be willing to help and a multi-tasker with good communications skills. There are "canned responses" you may use within the chat job dashboard, but these must be kept to a minimum.

Once you learn the platform and the expectations, this job is not difficult, though it can be stressful at times. I felt confident that I had plenty of help during the training, and I believe the company does what it says.

They pay twice per month via check or direct deposit, usually on Friday.

With Talk2Rep, you can expect to make $1000 to $1200 per month, provided you maintain a 25-30 hour work week. This is not bad for a chat job where you get to work at home. Regarding scheduling, they try to get you a minimum of 25 hours per week, and from my understanding, you are an independent contractor with Talk2Rep. In some ways, it feels like you are an employee. The staff can be a bit "bossy" at times and want more control over what you do than most independent contract positions. You may decide on the "shift" you choose to work, but once decided, this cannot be easily changed. So, unlike many work-at-home call center type jobs, you cannot sign in and out randomly at any time during the day. This is one drawback. I was impressed in many ways with the Talk2Rep company. The fact that it is a non-phone chat job impressed me. I do believe it is a legitimate work at home chat job, but I chose not to pursue Talk2Rep further or spend any more time with it due to the lack of flexibility of hours.

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If you have around 30 hours per week, really want to work at home, agree with Talk2Rep's work at home policies, and think you would enjoy a chat job, this is a fine work at home option. To apply or to find out more, go to Talk2Rep.com to check out their current work at home opportunities and chat jobs.

Watch this interview with the author on the pros and cons of working for Talk2Rep:

Deborah Killion is a self-made entrepreneur and owner of her own technology and media production business, is a freelance writer for multiple publications on the web, and has worked many work-at-home opportunities, including phone and chat jobs.

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