Are there any good store brand or generic diapers?

Affordable Store Brand and Generic Baby Diapers That Work Well

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Generic Baby Diapers

Can anyone help me? Disposable diapers are way too expensive. I had no idea how many I'd need. I tried one of the generic diapers, but had problems. And, cloth diapers are out of the question since I work. Are any of the generic diapers any good?

Likes the Store Brand Diapers

I used to be a Pampers mom, but I wanted to try generic diapers just to see. I was surprised! Target Up & Up has wonderful diapers and wipes. The cost is half of the brand name, and the diapers soak up a ton. I never had leak issues. I recently tried Walmart's White Cloud diapers and I found those similar to the Target brand. The benefit with Walmart is that they ship to your home free over a certain amount.
Mi (via Facebook)

Become an Amazon Mom

Try Amazon. My daughter gets diapers for her two through Amazon Family and says they are usually cheaper than using in store coupons, and they are delivered to the door. I think she buys wipes there as well.
Terri (via Facebook)

Experiment with Several Generic Baby Diapers

The director of our local domestic violence shelter once told me that every brand of disposable diaper is different.

Of course, shelters for battered women have moms and babies coming in all the time. This shelter found it needed to stock all the brands of diapers and that one or two just didn't work out at that place.

The director said that some babies were allergic to one brand; others were allergic to another brand. It didn't matter if it was name-brand or generic. Different products use different materials or chemical substances, and a baby's skin may have a reaction to one and not be bothered by another.

Further complicating the issue is that a generic diaper factory may make diapers sold under two or more store brands. Despite the different product names and different packaging, it's the exact same product.

The short answer is that you may need to try out several generic baby diapers before finding one that is tolerated by your little one.

Only One Diaper Leak

A friend and I only buy the Kroger brand diapers in the green box. I think they're great and have only had one leak in eleven months. We save a ton.

She's Tried Them All

My daughter is 21 months old and still in diapers. I've used generic baby diapers from Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. I didn't care for Target or Walmart's brands. I like CVS's brand, but they aren't on sale very often. Overall, I like Walgreens the best. Also, they tend to have their generic baby diapers on sale every few months with buy one at $8.99 and get one free. When Walgreens' diapers aren't on sale, I use Luvs, and they work well. The last time I used Huggies or Pampers was when they were given to me as a gift, as Luvs tend to be cheaper and work just as well.

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Luvs Is Their Favorite

My daughter used Pampers for her first child. When she found out she was expecting again, she decided to try a few of the cheaper ones. She started using Luvs and stayed with them through the whole time he was in diapers. She felt they were just as good as Pampers and so much cheaper. She wishes now that she had tried them with her first one. She ordered hers from and had them shipped. She got free shipping, buying a one-month supply at a time. If you sign up with Luvs on their website, they are great about sending coupons to you. Even though she couldn't use the coupons with the Amazon order, she still felt she was getting a good deal and saving so much time by not having to go to the store for them.

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Baby Diaper Tricks to Know

I agree about the cost of diapers. When it comes to generic, Target used to have a great diaper, but that has changed. My daycare provider felt that Babies R Us had a good diaper. Costco's Kirkland Signature is my go-to diaper for quality and fit, but unless you have a coupon, these are the same price as Huggies. I've also learned a couple of tricks over the past 19 months.

  1. Use a blog like to find the best buy in diapers.
  2. Open box diapers on a place like Amazon are a great way to get diapers for less. Usually all that has been done is the tape removed from the boxes and suddenly you are saving 20% or more. Here is the link .
  3. Diapers are cheaper the more you buy. Invest in the boxes that appear to cost more, but really don't.
  4. If you have a washer and dryer in the home, it's really not that difficult to use cloth diapers at night and on the weekend. Saving a few cents here and there does add up. I work as well, and a lot of daycares can't take cloth diapers due to regulations, at least in my state.


Reviewed January 2018

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