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Working for Senior Life Insurance

by Deb Killion

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If you are a licensed insurance agent and looking for the best "work at home" insurance job opportunity for insurance sales, Senior Insurance Company of Thomasville, Georgia has the solution for you. Whether you are an insurance career salesperson or just a part-timer in the insurance business, Senior Life has a great deal for insurance agents. While their leads program is more expensive than most, if you work the program regularly, it pays off in big ways.

I worked for them two times, once about a year ago and in the fall of 2012. I had my own leads company finding me leads and they ran out of leads, or I would have been more successful. I could not afford Senior Life's expensive leads program at that time, so I hired my own leads company. It worked for a while, and the leads company found me "pre-set appointments" where I went to people's houses to offer them insurance. The demographic Senior Life caters to is the older population, especially those between 60 and 85. They offer seniors insurance when others turn them down due to health reasons. In some instances, even if someone has had a heart attack, if they have been clear of problems for at least two years, with no further issues, Senior Life will still cover them. It is hard to find this with most insurance companies.

As a Senior Life insurance field agent, you are in business for yourself. You generally make 80% or more on most sales, but this varies, according to the type of insurance sold. The company pays you in advance (in insurance business, this is called paying annualized premium commissions) as soon as the person's first payment has cleared their bank.

Because you make "upfront commissions" for a year's worth of premiums, as an example, a policy where the person pays $50 per month would net you around $330 in advance! This is because they pay you 55% advance and withhold the other 25% for a few months until they know the person is going to continue on the policy. Then you get the other $150 five or six months later. This provides a way for insurance agents to make a substantial amount upfront in addition to residual income later on. In addition, the company pays around 5% in renewals, upon the one-year anniversary of the policy.

I recommend this opportunity for any licensed insurance agent who has the funds to invest in their business and the time to work this on a steady basis. If you only work it once in a while, it will not pay off for you. Also, I feel it only fair to warn people that getting advance payments does increase your risk of being in debt to Senior Life if you are not able to make enough sales to offset the losses if customers drop their policy.

Senior Life has taken reasonable steps to insure this doesn't happen, and most people stay on the policy if they feel it is to their benefit. However, with our hard economic times, often insurance is the first thing to go when times get tough. This is a field that is challenging to maintain, and it is necessary to always bring in "new business."

If you are interested in looking into Senior Life, go to SeniorLifeInsuranceCompany.com to begin the sign up process.

There is training available, but it costs $500. You have to drive to Thomasville, Georgia to do it. This is impractical for many people who live a long way off. They will work with you, however, if you are a good salesperson and train you over the phone.

The best way to make the biggest income with them is actually "telesales" and it is noted on their site that it has created an extremely lucrative income for some of their highest performing agents. But, if you do not like sales or talking on the telephone all day, you would not like this opportunity. You will be on the phone for a long time to create the income you want, but if you are determined, you can succeed with this lucrative life insurance sales opportunity.

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Senior Life is a reputable company, has been in business for over 40 years, and is one of the national leaders in final expense and life insurance for seniors. They have expanded to 43 states and are currently looking for agents in all those states to fill the increasing need.

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