What can you make out of duct tape?

Duct Tape Halloween Costumes

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Duct Tape Halloween Costumes

My boyfriend wants both of us to do duct tape Halloween costumes this year, but he doesn't have any specific ideas. And my thoughts don't translate well to tape! Does anyone have a good duct tape costume idea to share?

You'll Find Oodles of Ideas Online

Just Google duct tape Halloween costumes and there are oodles of images of costumes people have made and a lot of links for instructions. The Duck Brand company runs contests from time to time and there are even some YouTube videos.

Get Ideas from Sewing Patterns

If you sew, you can use a sewing pattern to make the costumes. Put the duct tape on paper to make a large enough piece for your pattern pieces, like cutting out a regular pattern from material. Once you cut out your pieces, follow the pattern directions to sew them together. Enjoy your costumes!

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3 Great Duct Tape Halloween Costume Ideas

How about "The Tin Man" or a robot? Another idea is a sink with the head being the spout and the arms being the cold and hot handles.

Get Creative with Duct Tape and Paper Bags

Several years ago, I made two costumes out of duct tape and paper bags from the grocery store. One was a knight costume. I cut the paper bag to fit my four-year-old son like a shirt with pointed capped sleeves and then used the silver duct tape to cover it in a design that looked like "armor." Then we decorated the front with a colored picture that looked like a crest. I made a helmet out of a brown paper lunch bag and a matching shield with cardboard covered in duct tape.

The second was a robot costume made out of a paper bag covered in duct tape and decorated with electronic-looking pictures printed from the internet. We also made arm covers out of wrapping paper tubes covered in duct tape. We covered the decorations on both costumes with clear packing tape. Both costumes together only cost $3.29, which was the cost of the duct tape. Have fun creating your costumes!
Traci R.

Enjoy the Many Color Choices

You can buy all colors of duct tape now. One idea is to tape your limbs and body like a mummy, using white duct tape.
Linda B.

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Several Duct Tape Halloween Costumes to Choose From

Several ideas come to mind:

"Duct Tape Man" is simply duct tape over a shirt with roll taped on each arm. You also may want to overlay a ball cap. Pick up a ball cap at a dollar or craft store that you can destroy and make sure that the tape is not exposed to where your hair would be. My daughter made me a duct tape hat for Christmas one year, and I actually wear it when I'm painting.

If you're looking for a more complex outfit, try "SuperTape Man" and make a cape out of duct tape and tape a logo of some kind on a solid colored shirt.

Another idea is "Duct Tape Assimilation." Partially cover the legs of your jeans like you're being swallowed by duct tape. Add some to a glove/arm like you were trying to fight it out. It should look kind of like you're drowning in quick sand, but it's duct tape instead!

Pinterest May Have the Answer

Have you checked out Pinterest for ideas on duct tape Halloween costumes?
Teresa (via Facebook)

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