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Cheap Halloween Costumes for a 6-Year-Old Boy

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Halloween Costumes for a 6-Year-Old Boy

I need some inexpensive costume ideas for a six-year-old boy. Money has been tight this year, so I can't just go out and buy something. But, he deserves to have a good time. Does anyone have any inexpensive ideas that would be fun for him? He's a typical kid and likes what most six-year-old boys like.

Make a "Cheesy" Costume

I know of a kid that went as a box of macaroni and cheese. His mom saved toilet paper cardboard rolls, spray painted them an orange/yellow color, and glued them to a big box the kid could fit in. She then spray-painted the box to look like a box of macaroni and cheese. I thought it was pretty creative.
Katherine (via Facebook)

Way to Go, Champ!

I dressed my young boy up as the "champ" one year. He wore a bathrobe over some gym shorts. We taped his hands like a boxer and made a fake black eye with a few drops of blood on his face. He wore his own high top sneakers. I then made a winner's belt out of cardboard and paint. It was super cute and super cheap!

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?

Does he have a Superman t-shirt? If so, it's super easy to dress him as Clark Kent. We did this with our own son last year. He wore a Superman t-shirt underneath a white button-down dress shirt. He also wore nice pants and a pair of black-framed sunglasses with the lenses popped out. The shirt was partially unbuttoned to reveal the Superman logo underneath. It gives the look of Clark Kent transitioning to Superman.
Anne Marie

Shiver Me Timbers! It's a Pirate!

Six year olds love, love, love pirates! If he has an old pair of long shorts (black would be best) or pants that are too short, cut them to look tattered just below the knee. Dollar stores have eye patches and pirate swords (he may already own both). Both the sword and the patch can be handmade as well with cardboard and ribbon. Make a hat out of cardstock paper or newspaper and paint it black. Use black eyeliner for whiskers. He will be one happy pirate!

Everyone Loves Grapes!

My favorite costume for my young son was a bunch of grapes. Dark pants and a dark shirt form the base. Felt cut into the shape of leaves get safety pinned around his neck. The grapes (I chose green grapes) are light green balloons that are blown up and tied. They can then be safety pinned to the shirt and pants (through the neck of the balloon). Use as few or as many as you want.

The best part was that my son literally glowed in the dark, so he was easy to watch, and I knew he was visible to cars on a dark and drizzly night.

Have Him Walk Upside Down

When we were kids, we pinned a hoody to blue jeans. We put our legs through the arms of the hoody and our arms in the legs. Then we put a mask in the hood of the sweatshirt, gloves on our feet, and shoes on our hands. We looked like we were walking around upside down. It was hilarious and the only thing you had to buy was the mask.

Got Robots?

I always had homemade costumes as a child, and they are the best! My favorite was a robot made with two cardboard boxes. One box covered my head while the larger one covered my body. They were fastened together and appropriate openings were made for face, arms, etc. The boxes were spray-painted light gray (cheaper than buying silver). Then, using black electrical tape, we cut various shapes and created gauges, dials, and buttons on the front. That's really all you need to do. To make it fancier, my dad added an antenna formed with a wire hanger and a few flashlight bulbs powered by a battery pack. It was an awesome costume!

Find Ideas for Halloween Costumes for a 6-Year-Old Boy Online

Check on sites like Pinterest or just put "DIY Halloween costumes" into your browser and you will find a wealth of informative sites with a lot of great ideas using items you may already have at home.

Black and White Fun

Start with basic black pants and shirt and buy a roll of white duct tape. You can add double stripes down the back for a quick and comfortable skunk costume. Or add vertical stripes to the shirt and a whistle around his neck for a NFL referee. Or add horizontal stripes to the pants and shirt for a prisoner outfit. These are all very easy to do, comfortable, and safe for him to walk around. Last year, we even added sunglasses and a walking stick to the referee and my daughter went as a "blind referee" and won a prize!

Christmas in October

Dress the child in green sweat pants and sweat shirt. Wrap green Christmas garland around the child and pin to clothes. Hang small unbreakable ornaments from the garland. Make a foil star and affix to a headband. Have your child carry a Christmas gift bag for treats.

Simple, Quick and Creative

My son was Mr. Moneybags one year. I hot-glued change and some toy money to his old clothes and he carried a cloth bag with a big dollar sign painted on it for his candy. It was so simple, and we received a lot of compliments on that one.

Boys Love Race Cars!

Take a big cardboard box and make it into a race car with paint and paper plate tires and steering wheel. Use straps to hold it on over your son's shoulders. We did this one year for Halloween, and the boys loved it.

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