We review the work at home opportunity offered by Web Colleagues

Work at Home with Web Colleagues

by Deb Killion

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Of all the work from home opportunities I have tried, Web Colleagues is my favorite. I have been a writer all my life. This is important to note. This program is for writers. It is for those few of us blessed with the gift of gab who love to write about any topic that comes our way. The web is growing with about 100,000 new websites going up every single day. And sales drive it all. So, if you can write content that is of interest to consumers, this program might be for you.

While I will tell you that I am making a small fortune doing this, I also have to be honest in saying it will not work as well for everyone who tries it. Still, if you follow the Web Colleagues program from start to finish, you believe in the things they tell you and apply them, and you have a high talent in writing good content, you may be on your way to wealth. This area is so lucrative and so few people really know about it that writers are in high demand. So that's why they urge people to get in on it now, while it is still driven by such a great need for new writers and new material. In future years, it will still be needed, but it is predicted that those of us who get in now will be the highest paid and wealthiest of web writers, because we paid our dues early in the game and worked our way up in the ranks. Therefore, we could then write our own ticket.

The Web Colleagues program, unlike the others I have discussed so far, is not someone you work for. Rather it is information, like a college course full of valuable information that you cannot find anywhere else on your own. People at Web Colleagues who have studied this for eons put this all together because they know what works and they have done it. They are offering this information for a one-time cost of $47. That's the best $47 I have ever spent. I am about to start seeing around $8000 per month, and I cannot tell you any magic formula to make it work as well as I have. But if you are determined and have talent in writing content that sells, this opportunity is just too good to pass up. I may even get to write for the New York Times and the Discovery Channel!

To make money with Web Colleagues, you need to apply the principles they teach, go to the websites they recommend, and try out for writing jobs. They give you recommendations on the approach to take with publishers, websites and blogs, how to start affiliate marketing accounts, how to use Google AdSense to your advantage, and more. They also have job boards. Most of the links they give you in the Web Colleagues program are very good opportunities. You just have to try different ones and choose the ones that work best for you. In essence, with Web Colleagues, you find out all the ways you can make money writing, such as article content writing for publishers, websites and blogs, affiliate marketing, revenue sharing, and more. Web Colleagues goes into great detail in every category to ensure you have the best information to make this work.

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By doing this program, you are becoming a freelance content writer. Some are more successful at this than others, as I stated before. And most of this depends on the amount of time you have to devote to it and how determined you are to make it work. Also, the type of writing you will be doing involves factual, expository text mostly, such as the type of information you find in blogs or internet articles. Basic freelance writers are paid less than SEO content writers. I personally do both. According to the internet, the average SEO content writer's salary on the full-time level is more than $85,000 per year.

With this program, you can make as much or as little as you want. The income you can generate is so diverse, dependent upon the time and effort you put into it, that I can honestly say your income can be anywhere from $50 per month to $10,000 per month to $2 million per year if you include affiliate marketing and other opportunities. There really is no limit.

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Another company that is similar is My Data Team. They have a very similar approach and similar information, but you also get information on global data entry and a few other opportunities with them. You can feel free to try out either program or both to see how they can benefit you. My best advice is to get with a program that works for you and ride it through until the end to find success!

To get started, the links to both programs are Web Colleagues and My Data Team.

Reviewed August 2017

Deborah Killion is a self-made entrepreneur and owner of her own technology and media production business, is a freelance writer for multiple publications on the web, and has worked many work-at-home opportunities.

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