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Cheap Home Security Solutions

by Pam Hutzler

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    Safe Home, Happy Home

    Each year there are over 2 million burglaries costing victims an estimated $4.7 in property losses.

    What's a homeowner to do? Is it possible to protect your home, family, and belongings without shelling out huge amounts of money? Read on to discover practical and cheap home security solutions.

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    How Does a Burglar See Your Home?

    When thinking of home burglaries, visions of broken glass and kicked-in doors probably come to mind for most of us. But, in reality, it's relatively unusual for thieves to enter your home in this manner. They don't want to draw attention to themselves. Instead, they want to slip in and out unnoticed.

    Look closely at your home. Are there easy ways to silently enter? Do you have a door that's hidden by bushes? Maybe your home has a window that's hidden from view that a thief could easily slip through unnoticed. Also, consider the locks that you currently have on your entrances. Would they be easy to pick or would they present a challenge to a time-conscious burglar?

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    Take Steps to Prevent Easy Entry

    Now that you've looked at your home from a burglar's perspective, it's time to take the necessary steps to keep your home from being an easy target. This may include replacing locks, cutting back foliage to expose hidden entrances, and installing motion detector lights to your home's exterior. Keep in mind that a burglar doesn't want to be seen or heard and make the necessary changes.

    Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable by taking home security a bit farther. Consider video cameras, fake video cameras, door and window alarms, and wireless security systems as further steps. Being a dog owner can also have its home security perks. Not only do dogs make a lot of noise, but also most burglars probably won't want to risk being bit.

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    Keep Your Life from Display

    You've worked hard and accumulated some of the finer things in life. That's great! But, are these possessions that are also appealing to thieves on display? Walk around your home and look in the windows. What are you showing to a potential burglar? Things such as computers, tools, expensive electronics, and guns should be kept under wraps. It seems obvious, but cash, credit cards, jewelry, and checks should be tucked away as well.

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    Look Like You're Home Even When You're Not

    We all take a much-needed vacation occasionally, but leaving for a vacation doesn't have to put your home and belongings at risk. So, how can you make your house look lived in while you are away without spending a fortune? First, tell a trustworthy neighbor or friend that you'll be away. Having someone pick up your mail and tend to your yard is a smart security move. You can offer to do the same for them while they are on vacation. Put a few indoor lights on timers. Consider putting a radio or TV on a timer as well. Finally, a car parked in the driveway is another good way to make it appear as though someone is home.

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    Sleep Better at Night

    Home security measures do not have to be expensive. It's possible to effectively protect your home, family, and belongings without spending large amounts of money to do so. Follow these effective, yet cheap home security solutions and sleep better at night knowing that you've taken proactive measures to protect your home.

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Reviewed July 2017

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