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Finding the Right Style Baby Stroller

by Debra Karplus

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According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly four millions babies are born in the United States annually. There's a high probability that one of these babies will be born to someone in your family, perhaps to you or to your adult child. Most moms treasure their mobility and enjoy the opportunity not to be homebound. A baby stroller is an essential for any young family. So how do you find an affordable baby stroller that best suits the needs to a young family?

Most baby strollers are fairly durable, and since families ultimately do not need them once the little ones are more mobile, if you can find a used baby stroller that is in excellent condition, that may be your best option. A hand-me-down from a friend or relative is likely to be most reliable and hopefully free. A yard sale may be your next option. Thrift stores and resale and consignment shops are great places to purchase items that children will outgrow. And though strollers seem like a great item to buy from one of these shops, more and more of them are opting not to sell things like baby strollers because of the liability that the stroller might malfunction and the shop could ultimately be sued. Therefore, don't be surprised if you encounter a lack of baby strollers selling resale in certain communities.

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Assess your long- and short-term needs before buying a baby stroller.

Durability, weight, number of uses, and special features can determine which stroller you opt to buy and its price. You can purchase a baby stroller online, but be sure to calculate cost of shipping. You may be smarter to buy it in one of the discount superstores in your area where you can actually see the stroller, try folding and unfolding it, and possibly even set your baby into it to check if the size and fit are right for your family. More durability and features translates to greater cost when it comes to purchasing a new baby stroller.

A folding umbrella stroller can cost as little as $15 and may be tempting to buy, but they are only for heavier children, not for newborns. Although they are lightweight and easy to fold and get in and out of even the smallest of cars, they are not particularly durable and come with few features.

Conversely, a multi-purpose stroller, sometimes referred to as a three-in-one or a "travel system," such as those whose seat component doubles as a baby car seat, can cost up to about $200. These have many more features. Some claim to "grow" with the child and can last you many more years and for many more babies.

For your average baby stroller that folds, is a little heavier, and has a few features like a rack under the seat and perhaps a holder for a water bottle, you should expect to pay about $50.

You have likely noticed moms or dads pushing unusual looking strollers while they raced through the neighborhood park. If jogging is your passion, for about $250, you may want to indulge in a jogging stroller.

A double stroller is a must if you have two little ones.

You might expect a double stroller to cost twice the price of a regular stroller, but that is not necessarily the case. Expect to spend between $100 and $250. If you have twins or two little ones close in age, a double stroller is a must. Some are double wide, and other double strollers are long and narrow. Parents do not seem to agree about which stroller is superior.

Parents who use the longer and narrower double stroller like that it can easily fit through an average doorway in a store or other public building, and that the child in the back seat can see the child or baby positioned in the front. Some parents claim that the side-by-side double stroller is easier to fold.

Your best testimonials in purchasing a baby stroller is to read online customer reviews (especially the ones with the poorest ratings, rather than the best) and to talk with other families with young children and ask for their recommendation about desirable stroller features, preferable brands, and style. Your child's safety is the most important thing in your entire universe. Take your time and thoroughly research baby strollers before purchasing one.

Reviewed December 2017

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