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10 Things You Shouldn't Do in the Bedroom

by Shari Smith

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Before the cheesy soundtrack of 70's music with scantily-clad actors starts playing in your mind, I'm talking about what not to do in the bedroom if you are interested in a restful, good night's sleep. Don't try this at home:

  1. Set up a work station in your bedroom. Seriously, keep the office outside the door. Worrying about deadlines or important meetings will keep you up all night and not in a good way. Think crisp, cool sheets instead of spreadsheets.
  2. Bring your computer to bed with you. Engaging in even "fun" activities on your computer stimulates your brain, which is about the last thing you want stimulated in the bedroom.
  3. Hook up a nice big television. Actually, nothing kills a restful mood faster than a loud laugh-track, blaring car chases, or long drawn-out goodbye scenes from the latest Lifetime movie-of-the-week. Keep the TV in the family room or living room.
  4. Watch the news right before bed to keep current on the day's happenings. It's better to catch up on the news in the morning when you are well-rested and ready to face the day.
  5. Tune in to infomercials to bring on that sleepy-time feeling. Turn it off! Although they are repetitive and seem to go on forever, infomercials create an urgency to buy something or a desire for something you didn't even know existed but now you just got to have it.
  6. Keep arguing with your spouse even after the lights go out. The old saying, "never go to bed angry," holds true today, because hurt and angry feelings can fester all night, nixing any hope of relaxed slumber. Work things out or call a truce before banishing anyone to the lumpy old couch in the basement.
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  8. Turn up the heat so you're toasty warm and snuggly. It is better to keep the bedroom cooler, not only so your spouse doesn't drown in sweat, but because you sleep better when it is cool.
  9. Keeping tip #7 in mind, blast the air conditioner. This isn't good either, because your teeth chattering and shivering hard enough to shake the bed is not conducive to slumber. Keep it comfortable for both people with various sheets, blankets, quilts, and maybe a personal fan.
  10. Drink lots of coffee, alcohol, or water right before bed to stay hydrated through the night. You probably already know that caffeine and alcohol disrupt sleep, and too much water just increases your trips to the bathroom. Make your bedroom a liquid-free zone.
  11. Don't worry about decorating in the bedroom. After all, no one really sees it, right? Wrong! You can create a restful retreat just by your choice of paint color. Even matching the curtains to your bedding enhances the decor and makes the room someplace you want to be. Keep clutter contained so it will be a pleasure to go to bed, not a chore-list waiting to be done.

Our bedrooms should be a place to unwind from the stresses of the day, a place to let go of our worries, and a place to relax into a comforting oasis of calm. So I hope you take these tips to heart, and don't do these things in the bedroom.

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