An 11-year-old gets his birthday wish

Boy's Duck Dynasty Party

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Boy's "Duck Dynasty" Birthday Party

My soon-to-be 11-year-old loves "Duck Dynasty." He wants it to be the theme for his birthday party. We live in the suburbs, so going on a real hunting or fishing trip isn't going to happen. Does anyone have some ideas on how to get the Duck Dynasty feel without dissecting frogs in my kitchen?

Make Duck Calls

I don't watch the show, but I have an idea. How about having the kids make simple duck calls as an activity? According to, all you need is a plastic straw and a pair of scissors. I just tried it myself, and it worked. If there's a nearby park with a duck pond, you could have your party there, picnic style, and try these out on some real ducks. Based on the pictures, you could also get some dollar store bandanas as party favors.

Start with Camouflage

I would start with the decor and the most obvious thing would be camouflage. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a length of camouflage fabric for the table, or perhaps just find paper camouflage napkins, paper plates, balloons, and other decor items at a party or dollar store. Camouflage duct tape could also be used to cover or add an accent to plain brown paper bags for favor bags.

For the birthday cake, I've seen fondant frosting done in camouflage if you have the inclination. The cake I saw also had a small blue fondant "pond" on it with a hunter, dog, and duck figurines placed appropriately. If you aren't prepared to do the fondant, any simple sheet cake can be themed toward the show. Then just adapt regular party foods and activities to include a Duck Dynasty theme. A big platter of fried chicken pieces and bowls of veggies would go along with the family dinner table on the show.

Don't get overwhelmed with the planning. See Party Planning Without Panic

Contact Local Hunting Club

My son suggests taking the boys to a shooting range or local hunting club to shoot some skeet. My son's Boy Scout troop was given a lesson by a hunting club member on skeet shooting at the club's range and then had a shooting contest to shoot clays. They had a great time. I think it cost $10 per boy. If you don't feel comfortable with the gun idea, an archery set might be fun too.

Also, in Western Maryland, The Maryland Department of Natural Resources hosts a free Junior Hunter Field day that includes basic instruction in archery, basics of turkey hunting, a chance to fish in a pond, and a lesson is skeet shooting as well as a free lunch of hot dogs, soda, chips and snack cakes. It is hosted at local hunting clubs. See if a similar program might be available in your area.

There are also free geocaching activities available at state parks. It's sort of like a treasure hunt with clues.

Party food could have a Cajun theme. Get Miss Kay's cookbook from the library or look online for her recipes to see if there is something that might work. Think Southern food like sweet potato pie or banana cake.

Get Son's Suggestions on Duck Dynasty Party

I'd start by asking your boy for his ideas. Dressing up would be fun with head cloths and false beards. They could do this at home or all dress up together at your place. You could have a treasure hunt with items often referred to in the show hidden about the place. That might keep them out of mischief for a bit. Games that involve throwing and catching and running about are usually fun for kids.

If it's pouring rain, you might adapt games like "pin the tail on the donkey" (squirrel? coyote?) and "blind man's bluff," calling it "hunter in the dark forest" or something like that. An activity involving water might be fun. A trip to the local pool before they get dressed up might be fun. You could create a quiz based on the program. When I Googled this, I found a lot of ideas for relevant food, etc.

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Turn a Kazoo into a Duck Call

My nephew had a Duck Dynasty party. Everyone was invited to wear camouflage for the day. We were duck hunters, and for a game, we used a duck decoy and a cut up jump rope to play ring toss. Each kid got a kazoo as a "duck call."

Enjoy Urban Nature

Find your community's urban nature. Use binoculars and have a bird finding. Get a bird call CD and see who can imitate the most birds. Don't forget the duck call. See who can make a proper duck call first!

Ask the kids to wear their camouflage and dress properly for the weather. The meal can be a backyard cookout, and if it is cold, you should still cook outside! Boys like to be manly and rough it.

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Pin the Beard on Uncle Si

If you have a Party City near you, they have a lot of Duck Dynasty items to choose from. Then, use a lot of camouflage and maybe use stuffed or rubber ducks or actual duck decoys.

A good game might be "Pin the Beard on Uncle Si." (Or stick to their favorite character on the show.) You could blow up a photo of that person from the internet and cut out "beards" from construction paper and use the same rules as pin the tail on the donkey.

See What Others Have Done

Here is a blog that contains ideas from a lady who had a Duck Dynasty party for her son's 13th birthday. You'll find it at You can also find more decoration and party ideas on Pinterest and Etsy.

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