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Using the Web to Reduce the Cost of Organics

by Katana Haley

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The internet can and should be used as a tool for any purchases that you make. We all know that organic food can cost a bit more than regular produce. Yet, there is a way to drive the cost of your organic grocery bill down quite far. There are so many websites to be utilized that lead directly to savings. More and more companies are creating online programs to help save on food and even alert you of one day events at your local grocery store. Performing a brief search relevant to organic savings will provide you with a host of sites to select from. A great place to start is by taking note of the type of food that you consume the most of. Use the foods as keywords and search for savings online.

Organic coupons present an efficient and simple way to reduce the cost of food. offers a wide array of coupons and even updates their site with coupons from major grocers such as Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Earth Fare, and Whole Foods. The updates on this site alone can really put a dent in your grocery bill. For example, Whole Foods has had a day-long event offering five pounds of apples at $5. You can save money by engaging in loyalty and rewards programs available on this site.

At, points can be accumulated by liking, tweeting, and sharing products. A dollar is worth a point on this site. Once you have 100 points, you can redeem them for a $5 coupon code. A cleaning product company named Seventh Generation offers a reward program where you can gain points that turn into coupons by taking actions like watching a video or taking a quiz. These actions result in points that you can spend on products from Annie's, Stonyfield, and Earthbound Farms. This is one of many loyalty programs available. Some programs like Ecobonus allow you to collect points from product purchases with a point value. You would then upload your receipt to their website to redeem your points that you can spend on a wide variety of products, from coupons to baby carriers or even art supplies. Organic baby food company Earth's Best also offers this type of reward program.

Where you retrieve your water can also save you money. Many of us pay for drinking water, though it can be obtained at no cost. At the site, you are able to search for healthy spring water anywhere, from your local area or globally. Obtaining fresh water from this source is an affordable, healthy option. You should conduct an independent test on any spring water you collect before consumption. Spring water contains many natural minerals that are mechanically or chemically removed by your city's municipal water supply. Water directly from a spring has high levels of hydrogen, which is the main antioxidant in water. Consuming free, clean, fresh spring water with so many health benefits saves you a lot of cash in the long run because it prevents health issues from developing. Now you can sit back with a smile on your face knowing that you improved your family's well-being and saved a lot of money in the process.

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