Can they give this nice piece of furniture a new life?

Repurposing an Entertainment Center

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Repurposing an Entertainment Center

We got a new flat screen TV. It doesn't fit into our old entertainment center. I hate to throw it away. It has nice storage and was expensive when we bought it. Can anyone suggest a new use for it as it is or with some modification? It seems such a shame to get rid of it without repurposing.

Pinterest Is Overflowing with Ideas

Pinterest has lots of ideas, including play kitchens for kids and even a bird aviary.
Gina (via Facebook)

Repurpose as Armoire

I once repurposed an entertainment center as an armoire. I painted it and stacked sweaters and t-shirts on the open shelves and used the areas with doors for clothing that was less attractive (underwear and socks in baskets). If you don't want to worry about always keeping the stacks neat, you could hang a little curtain.

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Reconfigure to Fit New TV

I contacted a furniture refinisher and asked if it would be possible to reconfigure the piece. After considering several options, we decided to make the piece shorter. The entire top was removed, the tambour doors were removed, the piece was cut down to an appropriate height for a new television, the shelves were adjusted to fit the new height, and then the top was replaced. The work was done so well that the piece looks like it was originally built this way. I have a beautiful piece that still provides some of the storage I had before and now holds our flat screen TV. It cost us much less than buying even a cheap stand would have and I still have a beautiful piece of furniture. Perhaps this would be an option for you.

Out-of-the Box Repurposing

My cousin repurposed hers by removing the doors and installing an electric fireplace insert. I'm sure the internet could tell you how to do this.

Turn It into a Craft Nook

Repurpose it into a sewing/crafting/art center. The opening for the TV can be the workspace area. You can put up a corkboard or some pegboard on the wall in the opening area for extra storage/space. The drawers can hold all the supplies, and if you have doors, you can simply close it when not in use!
Heather in CA

When Repurposing an Entertainment Center, The Sky Is the Limit!

One way of repurposing your old entertainment center is to turn in into an extra pantry. Mine is filled with pasta, pasta sauce, canned goods, flour, sugar, cake mixes, jams, and peanut butter. I get these items occasionally on sale at very good prices. My extra pantry helps me be more creative with my cooking. I know I have a backup for those days we are tempted to go out because we don't have anything for dinner. With some pasta, veggies and pasta sauce, dinner is ready. I use cake mixes for making cupcakes (yum!) and we hardly ever run out of sugar or flour now.

Another idea for utilizing your old entertainment center is turning it into a photo storage cabinet. I collected our old albums we had throughout the house. I labeled them and store them in one place. I also have a shoe box there where I drop all photos that the kids bring from their sports or class events. I occasionally buy photo albums on sale, and when the shoe box is full of photos, I fill the album with the photos and then label the album with the correct dates.

Other ideas for utilizing your entertainment center is turning it into a gift wrapping center, an office, storage for jewelry/accessories, or even a bar. The sky is the limit.

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Repurpose into Child's Play Kitchen

If you Google "DIY child play kitchen," you'll find a large number of photos of children's play kitchen that have been made from old entertainment units. The construction requires some time and talent, but these toys are far better and much sturdier than the plastic ones on the market. And it's one less thing in the landfill.
Lynn in Ontario, Canada

Turn into a Home Office Unit

That entertainment center will make a superb home office unit with minimal alteration. The desk level compartment will need a fold-out keyboard shelf installed with a piano hinge. Use the TV compartment for your monitor and printer or install a slide shelf for the printer. Drill holes as needed to route cables. Repurpose organizer boxes for office supplies, mail, and printer paper.

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Put Old Entertainment Center to Good Use in Laundry Room

I have a wonderful idea for your entertainment center. Put it in your laundry room. Add a bar across the wide upper section and hang up damp clothes. This will cut down on ironing time and pesky wrinkles. Put your liquid detergent, powder detergent, stain removers, fabric softener, and dryer sheets in the sections with doors. This has a dual purpose. It keeps small pets and children from accidental poisoning, and you can see at a glance when to buy more supplies.
Mel S. in California

Transform into a Bar/Hutch

A friend of mine repurposed her entertainment center into a bar/hutch. She put plate mirror in the space where the TV had been and tiled the surface area in front where the TV had been. Depending on dimensions, the other areas can hold glasses, liquor, mixers, etc.

Look for a Need

We will soon have the same issue, as our five-piece entertainment center was custom-built to house our old TV. Now that we have a flat screen, we don't need this depth anymore. A few things I've thought of to re-purpose it are to put doors (and maybe legs) on the center section (my husband is an amateur woodworker) and use it as an armoire or free-standing linen closet. We could mount slide-out shelves in the narrower smaller pieces to use in storing canned and dry goods, and the corner curios would fit, well, in corners for displaying of photos and knick-knacks. In the meantime, we've placed the sub-woofer behind the flat screen as there is room back there now. This solves the problem of vibrating cabinet doors where it was once housed below the old TV.
Terry in Hoschton, GA

Enjoy Your New Family Photo Center

We repurposed an old entertainment center by making the area where you would put a TV into a family photo center. We hung a large family portrait in the center and added several smaller framed photos sitting below.

Convert into Bookcase

I repurposed an old entertainment center by adding a shelf where the old TV was and made it into a fantastic bookcase with my new wall-mounted TV placed above. It looks fantastic, and no one has noticed it was converted. I love it and the new TV is not too high to watch comfortably.

Reviewed April 2018

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