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A Time-Saving Strategy for Couponing

by Paige Estigarribia

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Coupons and circular ads in the newspaper are such great ways to find deals on everyday items. But if you're trying your best to review the circulars each week and clip coupons to maximize savings, you know this process also takes significant time. So when Pirc.com contacted us about helping them get the word out about their new site, we were really curious! Pirc.com is a one-stop solution for all things savings and circulars - and they even customize your savings emails especially for you! Here's what we thought:

A Little About Pirc.com

Pirc.com was born when its creators realized that people spent a great deal of time every week reviewing the newspaper circulars searching for items on sale for that week. It's free to set up an account at Pirc.com, and once you do, you can choose brands and categories that you typically search for when you look for deals. Based on your location, Pirc goes through local store circulars for items in your chosen categories, or favorite brands you've selected. Then, they send you a weekly email chock full of all the items from your chosen brands and categories that are on sale.


Why We Like It

There are so many things we really like about Pirc - with the first being that it allows users to save both time and money! Plus...

1)It is emailed every week

Just like your weekly newspaper circular, your weekly "Pircular" is also sent out via email every week. Instead of spending your time going through circular after circular, you can just scan your weekly "Pircular" for items you need or brands you use that might be on sale. Pirc lists out items that are on sale. With each pictured item, Pirc gives you the option to add it to your shopping list, and "heart" it (and it will look for it for future Pirculars). There are also icons that will tell you that store rewards are available, and there is even an icon for related coupons, too! Some coupons can actually be printed from the page, while others have a specific icon telling you to print it from the Sunday paper.

2)It saves time by not having to go through all the circulars

Your weekly "Pircular" also frees up your weekend! If you've found yourself without the time to scan the circulars or if you're just tired of spending time doing it, Pirc is suited for you. It allows you to reclaim your typical coupon-clipping and circular scanning time.

3)There is flexibility in choosing favorite brands and categories

When you set up your "Pircular" you have the option of choosing which categories you typically shop for, or which brands you buy. Pirc has a huge list of brands to choose from! If you like something and buy it often, chances are its on Pirc's list to include in your Pircular.

4) It is easy to set up and customize

We found the Pirc website super easy to navigate. You can easily set up your account, then choose your categories and brands. They send a confirmation email, and once confirmed...you can log into your account and check out your Pircular! Plus you can edit your settings to add additional categories or brands. The more specific you get with brands and categories, the more tailored your Pircular will be for you.


The Pirc.com website is such a great time and money-saving concept. The only thing we found that one may want to think about is that the service isn't available via a mobile app yet. But they are in the process of working on their mobile capabilities, so keep checking back! Plus Pirc.com is sponsoring a giveaway for a $100.00 Amazon gift card prize! One of the ways to enter is signing up for Pirc.com, and we are working with some great bloggers for this giveaway, so be sure to check out their sites too! Enter for your chance to win with the rafflecopter below or check out our giveaway page!

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Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher who enjoys writing about food, frugal living, and money-saving tips. Visit Paige on Google+.

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