What apps help reduce your grocery bill?

Grocery Apps

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Grocery Apps

We're trying to cut down on our food budget. With two teens in the house, it's not easy. Can anyone point me to some grocery apps that could help me save? I'm sure there are good ones, but I don't know which ones are worth the price.

Reader Shares Two Great, Free Apps

ZipList and Cozi are great free apps. ZipList tells you where you can get the best price for each item and Cozi has a calendar as well as a shopping list that can be accessed by multiple users on multiple devices.

Grocery Apps That Pay You

There are several different apps that are free that will save you both time and money. Pushpins for Apple is an app you can download that shows the weekly circulars from grocery chains (Safeway, Kroger, etc.) in electronic form. Once you know what is on sale every week, it will help you save money by having the ad already handy on your phone. Another great (and free!) app is SavingStar. Register your store loyalty cards and get exclusive coupons.

Ibotta is an app where you can get cash back by scanning your receipts from grocery stores. It even accept store brands, so you are saving even more money by getting cash back for the things you were going to buy anyway. Checkout 51 is similar (free); scan your receipts, and once you hit the $20 limit, a check is mailed to you. You can either put that in the bank or use it to buy even more groceries! Type in "free money saving grocery apps" in your search engine to find hundreds of other free apps.
Candice D.

Most Widely Functional Grocery Apps

My favorite app is Grocery Gadget. It allows lists for several stores, has a scanner function, integrates with a computer site for multiple inputs from family members, and will add sales tax. ZipList has grocery lists and a newsletter and interfaces with a couple of social networking sites for Pinterest and Facebook users. I've tried several other apps and these are the most widely functional in my opinion.

Keeping It Simple

I use Out of Milk. I think it's still free and can be used on Iphone, Ipad, and Android. It's basic, but that's what I like about it. I can make a list and/or to do list and track everything. What I really like is that I can put the cost of each item in and it will give me a running balance, so I know when I have spent my budgeted amount. I can also look back and calculate how much a particular recipe will cost me when making a menu for the week.

Forget the Apps. Cook from Scratch Instead.

I average $75 a week on groceries for three adults. I don't use an app. Instead, we cook! I can make a loaf of bread for less than 50 cents with just a few minutes of time and have it on the table in an hour. Yes, we all work full time, so I batch cook soups and stews, freeze batches of cookie dough, bake bread, and make homemade pizza crust.

Learning some basic culinary skills will save your budget and your waistline and improve your outlook on life.
Sarah in Olathe, KS

Beyond Grocery Apps

Try Couponmom.com. You sign up for a free membership and you can login and select "Grocery Coupons by State." Select your state and then your store and it'll show you all of the deals for that week and where to find available coupons.

I've saved approximately $120 per week on my grocery bill by spending a couple of hours researching this site as well as clipping the coupons. Also, use your store card. Both Safeway and King Soopers have loyalty cards that you can download weekly coupons from each perspective site right to the card for additional savings at the register.

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