Why wait until you are an adult to get money smart?

Becoming a Money-Smart Teen

interview by Gary Foreman

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It is a hard time to be reaching adulthood. Teen unemployment is at record levels. Personal finance is becoming more and more complicated, and there is more and more to learn. And, if you fail to learn it, the costs can affect you for years into adulthood.

In this video interview by The Dollar Stretcher editor Gary Foreman, Gary interviews a teen, Eva Baker, who is taking great strides to educate herself on the important money lessons so many kids fail to learn before graduating high school. Eva is the founder of TeensGotCents.com, a website that helps other teens plan for a secure financial future. Her mother, a regular contributor to the site, writes about money topics helpful to the parents of teens. Listen to what Eva has to say about teens and their relationships to money, what she thinks prevents teens from learning about money, the importance of having a job during your teen years, and more.

Eva Baker is the teen founder of TeensGotCents.com. She is also author of her own ebook "Seven Days to Centsible Savings". For a free copy, visit her website!

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