Could you really get a free degree?

Tuition Free Colleges

by Dr. Arnaud Prevot

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So you want to send your kids to college. Great! But are you ready to cough up a small fortune? College tuition is going up and fast. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tuition has gone up 60% since 2006! What can parents do to send their kids to a good quality college and not find themselves in the shackles of debt for years, and have their kids in debt too? Now, of course, there is the option of going to a community college to finish your general-ed requirements, and then transferring to a four-year college, but many are unaware of something else. Fortunately there are options that go beyond simply hoping that a school will give you a half or full-ride scholarship. These are tuition-free colleges (or almost tuition-free) for your consideration:

Some colleges put your children to work in some way or another. This is a great way to instill in Junior some working experience and discipline before venturing in to the Real World. Check out:

Other colleges are Bible colleges. Their Christian mission is already important for a number of families, so why not take advantage of the financial benefits as well?

  • Barclay College -
  • Dallas Baptist University - This school offers full scholarships for National Merit Finalists who pass certain requirements -

Another group of colleges are linked with the armed forces. These federally funded colleges ask you to serve in that specific branch for 5 to 8 years after graduation. You should know that government appointments may be required so it is important to check the school's website.

Lastly, there are other schools that can't be places into a regular category.

  • Curtis Institute of Music - This merit-based school requires an interest and a strong capacity in the music fields. -
  • Macaulay Honors College - It's free to students living in New York City with some restrictions. -
  • Webb Institute - If accepted into this unique higher education institution, all students double major in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. -
  • Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades - This men's only school focuses on the manual trades of carpentry, etc. -

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So there you have it. It must be known that there are trade-offs to everything in life and such colleges may not be the right fit for your family. As an experienced educator myself, I urge all to remember that finding that fit is one of the most important things any parent can do for their kid's future. But financial realities exist, and it is good to know that there are options out there.

Updated March 2017

French-born and U.S. grown, Arnaud Prevot is a doctor of business administration, a published author, and a consumer information broker (to his friends). He is mostly known, however, for being an urban tightwad.

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