Great prom party decorations for less!

Prom Party Decorations

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Prom Party Decorations

Our daughter wants to host an after-prom party. We don't mind hosting, but we don't have a lot of money that we can put out to decorate. How would you decorate for a group of high school kids celebrating on their prom night?

Let the Dancing Continue

If they plan to continue the music and dancing, you could look for a disco ball light or strobe light. We've gotten small ones for home use for less than $15. By turning out the regular lights and using these, you eliminate the need for much of any other decorations.

Enlist Help

I sponsored an after-prom party at my house. I let the kids bring some of decorations from prom to my house, which would have ended up in the trash. I also enlisted my daughter's friends to design things for the party. The other parents offered to help. Instead of all hands on deck, I asked for paper plates, plastic cups, drinks, and breakfast casseroles. The kids had a great time.

Don't Forget the Basics When It Comes to Prom Party Decorations

Streamers and balloons go a long way and can be done in school colors if desired. Also they are inexpensive and easy to find, put up, and clean up.

Keep It Simple

Not much is needed to make this night special for the kids you'll be entertaining. First, have helium balloons in the school colors to identify your house and to greet them at the door. Easy to eat finger foods (squares of pizza) and soda are perfect. Rather than invest in expensive colored plates and cups, use generic white and splurge on colored napkins, which have more pizzazz. Use a helium balloon or two as a centerpiece on the dining table and on the patio or wherever the kids will be. With the right music and a relaxed atmosphere (with parental supervision), your prom party will be a hit! There's no need to spend big bucks. The event is the thing, not the decorations.
JD in St Louis

Pinterest to the Rescue

Look on Pinterest. There are tons of decorating ideas. They show many ideas how to use balloons, table decorations, etc. to make a party look professional.

Good Food, Elegance and Fun

To save money but have a wonderful party, host an elegant "breakfast" inspired by high-society "cotillion" or "assembly" after-parties. The decorations come from your own closets and those of the parents of the teens you will be inviting. Use the nicest tablecloths, candlesticks, china and silverware you can borrow. Some parents can donate flowers and loan vases to put on each table. Some parents may have table glitter they can donate, which can be sprinkled sparingly on the tables to add a touch of sparkle. Some may have chafing dishes that can be used to set up food buffet style or silver platters for food that is to be passed. Someone will have champagne glasses that can be filled with sparkling cider to provide the feel of champagne without any of the alcohol. The key is to set a tone of dinner party elegance. That's all the decorating you'll need to do.

Then serve breakfast foods like scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, muffins and fruit salad. All the food except the eggs can be made in advance. Parents of the teens can be invited to serve as waiters, wearing black slacks and white tops, and refer to the teen guests as Miss Smith and Mr. Jones rather than by their first names, just for fun. By involving some parents of the teen guests, you'll end up with all the items you need and you'll have some helpers for set-up and clean-up. The other parents will get to share in their children's after-prom experience rather than worrying about their kids.
Kimberly in Plymouth, Michigan

Repurpose Holiday Decorations as Prom Party Decorations

Do you have any sparkly Christmas or New Year's decorations you can use again? Use things like shiny metallic gold or silver tinsel, ribbons and/or garland, sequined tablecloths, or glossy gift wrap that doesn't have specific holiday motifs. Mini-bulb tree lights could be employed to add some pizazz to your prom party decorations. Look through your collection to see what could be used in a different way for this occasion.

Food Is What's Important

To be honest, as a teenager, I didn't really care how everything looked after prom. We were all just tired, happy, and hungry. After one dance, my date and I hit up Burger King and took it back to his house to have a movie marathon. I spent more time eating and watching movies than I did looking around his family's home. You really don't have to go all out, but I would definitely make sure there is enough food for all!

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