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Tween Girl's Birthday Party Ideas

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Tween Girl's Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter's birthday is coming up. She's a typical tween girl. I'd like to do something special, but we do have a limited budget. Can anyone help with ideas for a fun birthday party?

Have a Salon Party

For my daughter's birthday, we had a salon party. We soaked tootsies and hands and I did manicures and pedicures. The girls loved being pampered and getting to choose their polish color. (I have a lot of polish.) You can get polish from a dollar store and let them keep it otherwise.

The cake was a big hit too. I made several layers as the "nail polish bottle" and then a pan of cupcakes (6) for the stem of the polish bottle. I used a skewer to hold the cupcakes together on top. Then I frosted the cake pink and the stem or wand part of the cake black. I also piped "OPI" on it. Because there was room in the budget, I made little bags up for each girl (from dollar store) with a nail file, buffer, polish, etc.

Build a Fort and They Will Come

Building a fort in the basement for the girls to have a slumber party was the best idea ever! We attached blankets, sheets, fabrics, and Christmas lights to the ceiling, walls, and furniture. There was even a long tunnel between the furniture to use as an entrance. Pillows, stuffed animals, deck of cards, and some electronics made it a place the kids didn't want to leave. Would you believe my daughter has requested this again for an 18th birthday party?

Thrift Store Fashion Show

If the girl likes thrift store shopping, this is a party for her! Plan a sleepover and ask everyone to bring their favorite food to share. The party girl provides drinks and some simple foods. Give each girl $5 and head to the thrift store after arriving at the party house. Each girl needs to buy a complete outfit with any theme. While the girls are shopping, mom picks up a few odds and ends to make awards for the kids. Some thrift stores bag up a lot of odds and ends and sell the bag cheap. That's the bag you want!

When you get home, the girls dress in their outfits and you provide an area for a "runway." The girls get to model their outfits adding commentary as they go, or mom can be the announcer! At the end of the show, mom presents each girl with an award (bought at the thrift store) to somehow match up with each girl's outfit. You get to use your imagination! The girls get to keep what they bought, or the items can be re-donated to a thrift store. I did this with my niece, and it was a hit with the girls!

Tween Girl's Birthday Party Ideas Should Include a Sleepover

Have a sleepover! Lately, everyone wants to have expensive parties at a bowling alley or salon. Why spend all that money? Sleepovers were the best as kids! Let her invite however many girls you can accommodate with pillows and blankets on the floor. Note in the invite to have the girls bring their pillow/blanket with them! Let her pick a few Redbox® movies, order a few pizzas (we have a local chain that sells pizzas for $5 each), get a bunch of snack items from the grocery store, and let them go to town! They will entertain themselves and have the best time doing it. My favorite parties were always sleepovers. Pancakes in the morning are cheap and easy to make in a large amount. Find some inexpensive games they can rely on if you feel they need more structure. A few packs of balloons from a dollar store make for a great water balloon fight! (Just remember to pick up a pack of ear plugs for the late night "gigglefest.") If family is an issue, you can always have a smaller party with just family over for cake and punch on her actual birthday. Birthdays don't have to break the bank!

Tea Time!

I love the idea of a tea party. You can make simple finger sandwiches, sliced fruit, etc. Go to the used store and get anything that makes the setting look like a tea party. It can be very "girlie" and spring like. You can also make it all very cheap. For party favors, just go to a dollar store and get some girlie key chains or a flavored lip gloss.

Have Fun with a Mall Scavenger Hunt

A mall scavenger hunt is a fun and frugal birthday. Meet friends and adults at a central location (like the food court) and distribute a list of things to find. Divide into small groups. Each group should be with an adult, depending on number of guests. Arrange a time limit and have fun! Adults can take pictures of each found item, such as largest hat, longest scarf, ugliest sweater, etc. Be creative! At the arranged stop time, you should meet, share pictures and laughs, enjoy cake/cupcakes (bring your own), and give prizes to all participants! It's fun and easy to create a memorable party!

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