Improving the Flavor of Wine

Aermate Wine Aerator Review

by Paige Estigarribia

The Dollar Stretcher was sent an Aermate Wine Aerator to facilitate this review. The Dollar Stretcher received no compensation for this review. The opinions in this article are those of the author.

Buying and tasting wine is an intricate process. Wines can range from all different prices, flavors, and types, and to top it off, even after you open a wine, it can taste different depending on many factors. Adding air to wine can affect a wine's flavor, so when we were sent the Aermate Wine Aerator to test out, we were really curious. Could it improve the flavor of less-expensive wines? Here's what we thought:

A Little About the Aermate Wine Aerator

According to Aermate's website, the Aermate Wine Aerator is made of stainless steel and silicon, and it is designed to aerate an entire bottle of wine or a glass, whichever is preferred. It is a simple tool, similar in design to a turkey baster. A long tube with an aerator on one end and a squeeze bulb on the other. The Aermate easily reaches to the bottom of a bottle of wine or a glass, and as you squeeze the silicon bulb, bubbles are released into the wine. A guide suggesting how many squeezes are recommended is included.

What We Liked about the Aermate Wine Aerator

We used the Aermate Wine Aerator with different wines, ranging around $10.00-$15.00 per bottle, and we noticed an improvement in the wine flavor after every use. Everyone that tried it agreed that it improved flavor. Plus, the unit is sturdy, easy to use, and easy to clean. It truly improves the flavors of less expensive wines.

What to Think About Before Buying an Aermate Wine Aerator

Currently, the Aermate Wine Aerator averages at retail for around $39.99, depending on where you purchase one. In our opinion, that's might be an expensive gadget for someone who buys $10 wines. But, the price can vary, so be sure to do a little research on prices before you purchase, to see where you can find it and at what cost. Plus, if you think about how it can potentially improve the flavor of less expensive wines, it could be an great buy!

And that's it! We really have enjoyed using our Aermate Wine Aerator! We've found it to be a wonderful addition to wine tasting.

Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher who enjoys writing about food, frugal living, and money-saving tips. Visit Paige on Google+.

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