Yes! Your pet could help your budget!

6 Ways a Pet Could Save You Money

by Veronica Bowman>

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When you're looking for ways to save money, the general tendency is to look for ways to cut spending. However, there are times when spending a little can actually save you a lot. One example of this is pet ownership. You might be surprised to discover the various ways that sharing your home with a pet can be financially advantageous.

A lot of information regarding the benefits of pet ownership focuses on having a dog or cat as a pet. Both of these make excellent pets, but in situations where owning either of these isn't feasible, guinea pigs and rabbits can provide many of the same benefits. Extensive information about the benefits, pleasures, and responsibilities of owning a guinea pig or rabbit is available at and

Pets can save you some money in the area of entertainment in the following ways.

  • Pets love interactive games with you as their partner.
  • Pets are happy with homemade toys. Making toys can be a family activity and can give you an opportunity to repurpose and recycle numerous items around the house.
  • Enjoying the antics of your pet as it entertains you with its natural creativity is free entertainment that's worth staying home for.

Dogs can save you some money on your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. There's no need to buy expensive exercise equipment or invest money in a gym membership when you have a dog.

  • Dogs are wonderful exercise partners. Whether it's accompanying you on a jog or playing Frisbee in the park, your dog can get you up and moving.
  • Dogs are excellent walking partners. They catch on quickly to a routine. They won't let you forget your daily fitness walk.

You may have either stopped attending social events or greatly reduced the number of events you attend in order to live within your designated budget. Once again, your dog may be able to help you out.

  • Dog parks are a great place to make new friends. "Pet people" love sharing stories about their pets.
  • Coffee shops with a pet friendly outdoor dining area are also a wonderful place to socialize. One coffee, a latte, or a cappuccino once in a while probably won't break the budget.
  • Pet centers that encourage pet owners to shop with their pets are also a good place to meet and make new friends.

Save on your pet's medications at 1-800-PetMeds.

There's a variety of ways that owning a pet can reduce your medical expenses.

  • Studies show that pet owners visit the doctor less often than people who live without a pet.
  • Pet owners also spend less on medications than non-pet owners.
  • Studies show that children who live in a house with a dog or cat are healthier and have less respiratory problems than kids without a dog or cat as a companion.
  • There are numerous health benefits attributed to having a pet. The following websites have a more in-depth list of the health benefits of pet ownership: and

A home security system can be costly. A barking dog makes a great alarm system. Burglars don't want to be seen and barking dogs attract the attention of neighbors and people passing by.

Pets can help you with your weight loss goal. Boredom and loneliness are two common reasons for overeating, yet eating doesn't actually relieve boredom and it's not a solution to loneliness.

Instead of reaching for food, spend some extra time with your pet. Interacting with any type of pet can relieve boredom and loneliness.

Owning a pet means pet care must be factored into your budget. However, you can use your frugal shopping techniques such as coupon clipping and buying food and supplies when they're on sale to lessen your pet-related expenses. The greatest aspect of a pet is the love and companionship it provides. The financial benefits are simply an added bonus.

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