Using your smartphone for cheaper dining

Smartphone Restaurant Saving Apps

by Charne Graham

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In today's age, there is an app on our smartphones for almost anything. You pay so much to have the world at your fingertips, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to save money on food and beverages in your city? All it takes is a few simple clicks to connect you to a land of deals, discounts, and even free goods. The following apps are made to help you save money in restaurants.


Freebie is one of the apps that gives you free items and services based on your social media influence. The more followers you have on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the more access you get to free food and drinks from restaurants and businesses near you. The business gets promotion via your accounts and you get the Freebie.

The Daily Gobble

This innovative app is only available in select cities, but it's a very rare app that will put money into your PayPal account. You go into the restaurant, have a meal, and take a photo of your check. Once you upload the picture of your check, The Daily Gobble pays you back your discount for your meal.

Popular Pays

An Instagram inspired app pays users in free food and services by the amount of followers they have. Once you're in the restaurant, you redeem the goods with the app, snap a photo at the business, and post the pic giving gratitude. Since this app won't post on your behalf, it's all on you to get imaginative as you like with your post and remember to tag the business in the post.

Scout Mob

Local and independent business owners get exposure with Scout Mob. This app caters to offering deals of only indie businesses. It connects to your location and offers you discounts up to 50% off your meal. It also gives you a great opportunity to explore the local restaurants in your city, making you a savvy money saver.

Around Campus

College students gain from this app as it makes you aware of all daily food and drink specials near your school. The app connects to your location and just like that you're within minutes of knowing where the best deals are located. The plus is that you can also connect the app to your friend's college campuses when you visit as well.

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