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Music for a 60th Birthday Party

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Music for a 60th Birthday Party

My Dad will be celebrating his 60th birthday in a few months. We're going to throw him a surprise party. For decorations, we'll be including a lot of "remember when" stuff, but I'm struggling with what to do for music. Mom has their old records and cassettes, but the clubhouse where we're having the party doesn't have a turntable or cassette player. We can't afford a DJ. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I should do for music for a 60th birthday party?

Free Music for You

Download Pandora to a smart phone or a tablet and get an inexpensive cord that allows you to play it through a stereo or speakers of your choosing. You can set it to a station or program in a variety of artists or genres and have it shuffle songs for you. Note that while this is free, there will be a few commercials strewn between sets of songs, but that shouldn't be a problem. Also, you will be able to use that cord in your vehicle, at home, etc. long after your party!
Wendy in Ballwin, MO

Visit Your Local Library

Most libraries have a music section with CDs. They usually have a wide variety of genres of music.
B in Florida

Download Music onto iPod

If you have teenagers or know of some, grab up their iPod and download or use iTunes to buy music. You can easily purchase all of the "favorite" titles from 60 years ago. If they own an iPod, they definitely have iPod speakers and/or you can do the exact same thing with a smart phone.

Answer Is Online

You can find tons of music on YouTube. Load it onto a computer memory stick and be your own DJ.

Create Your Own Playlist

Spotify is $10 a month. Look at their music and create several playlists based on their music. Download the app if you do not have it to your phone or tablet.

Borrow from Others

There are a lot of CDs available with music from that era. You could purchase one or two to use at the party and include it in his gift. Or you could ask the guests if any of them have a stereo that you could borrow.

Spotify Is Your Answer

Spotify is your answer! This music streamer has an unbelievable amount of music that you can tailor to any party theme. I have created a "Party" list that we play at our get-togethers with all types of music from Frank Sinatra to Eminem!

Google for Radio Station

There are radio stations that play music from certain decades like the 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. Google for the radio station. Just plug in your radio, find it on your dial, and you're set! Have a fun birthday party!

Find a Cassette and Turntable Combination

For $25-$75, you should be able to find a cassette and turntable combination that will play these oldies but goodies and allow you to transfer them to a disk or smartphone. You can also download from the iTunes stores, but that may be more expensive, though less work.

For their wedding, my niece and her husband put all their favorite songs on a smartphone and asked my son to be master of ceremonies and take care of the music. He had very little work to do and the wedding reception was great. Everyone danced, including the little kids.

Outside the Box Solution

Print up the songs on paper to hand out at the party. Then have everyone sing the songs together. If you have any friends with a musical instrument, have them bring it along. This should be fun for everyone.

All You Needs Is a Smartphone and Portable Speakers

Do you or one of your family members have a smartphone"? If so, you can load up the phone with the music you want, plug it into a portable speaker, and play all of the music that way. Another option is to set up a free iTunes radio station with the music genre you want or a Pandora station via your smartphone for the same thing. You just need a speaker to plug into or connect by Bluetooth. Surely someone in your circle of friends has one!

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Bring Your Laptop

Why not bring a laptop computer and some good speakers and use Pandora? Set it for one of the favorite singers or bands of the guest of honor, and let it play! If someone were willing to check it now and then, it could even be changed for another "channel" of other types of music that the guest of honor would enjoy. YouTube is another option if someone wanted to make a playlist of favorites for party night.
Kristi in Longmont

Burn Your Own Music

I did this for a friend's 50th wedding anniversary one time. I searched online for the top 40 songs the year they were wed. I downloaded the songs off of a music site online and burned them on a CD for their gift. You could do the same for the year he was born!

Turn Albums into Digital Files

You can take the albums and cassettes and turn them into digital files. Then you can play them on almost any type of player.

Librarian Gives Advice

She has tapes but the party venue doesn't have a tape player. Go to the public library! There are loads of CDs from the decades. I'm sure you can find suitable music. If he was born in 1955, he was a teenager in the late 60s and early 70s. Billboard puts out CDs from the various decades. The possibilities are endless for music for a 60th birthday party!
Susan, Librarian from NY

Reviewed March 2018

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