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Keeping Cats Out of Your Garden

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Keeping Cats Out of Your Garden

I enjoyed your article on keeping dogs out of flowers. How can I keep cats out of the garden? I've tried whole mothballs, lemon scented ammonia, and deer repellent to no avail.

Coffee Grounds Do the Trick

Save your used coffee grounds and sprinkle them everywhere. They are safe for plants. Ask your friends at a favorite eatery to save them for you as well. The more you use the better. We have used this as a deterrent and it works.

Some Like It Hot, But Cats Don't

I had good luck with sprinkling cayenne pepper around the area where they like to do their business. Since I only had one neighbor cat using my flower bed for a litter box, one application did the trick.

Try This Combo!

I have had good luck keeping cats away from the trees and bushes in which birds are nesting by spreading a mixture of citrus peel, used coffee grounds, and egg shells. As this mixture composts in place, it also provides nutrients for the plants.

Not Fond of Thorns

I cut some holly boughs and place them about. They don't like the thorns.

They'll Leave If They Can't Scratch

I put some pieces of screen in between the rows. If a cat can't scratch up the dirt to make a place for its "stuff," then it will go elsewhere. I do this in vegetable gardens all the time. I use chicken wire fencing that I have left over or you could go to Home Depot or Lowes to buy some. This works great!

Cats Hate Citrus Scent

I have used ground up orange peels in my garden to keep cats out, but it takes a lot of peels!

Last year, I tried spraying used dryer sheets with a strong orange cleaner (dollar store brand) and hung them on the tomato cages and other stakes throughout the garden. I sprayed the liquid directly on the wooden garden edges, too. This seemed to work quite well, as the neighbor's cat didn't come over to dig to China last year.

To keep the chipmunks out, I bought two solar powered butterflies and stuck them into my strawberry patch. Only one berry showed any sign of chewing. The year before, the entire crop was ruined by the sneaky little buggers!

I had hoped the cats would work with me to keep the chipmunks at bay, but they were too lazy to chase them away.

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