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Getting Rid of Hornets

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Getting Rid of Hornets

We have a problem with hornets around our garage. We haven't found any nests, so we're not sure how to get rid of them. Since we have kids playing in the yard, it's important that we find a way to eliminate these hornets. Do you have any ideas?

Get Rid of Hornets with Trickery

Painting my ceilings sky blue has kept wasps, yellow jackets, etc. from building nests. The insect thinks it's the sky and won't try to build a nest. At the beginning of the summer, I had a terrible problem with insects, especially at doorways. We haven't had any problems since painting.

Is your problem with bees? Or wasps?

Trap with a Bug Bottle

We have trouble with hornets this time of year, especially around the hummingbird feeders. I have a "recipe" for a bug bottle that traps hornets. (It is also good to hang in fruit trees for an organic solution to some of the bugs that plague orchards. Other unwelcome visitors this bottle will attract are horse flies and regular flies).

Save and wash a two-liter plastic pop bottle. Remove the lid and puncture two holes near the top to run a wire through for hanging. Put one banana peel inside the bottle. Use narrow strips so it will fit through the top. Mix together one cup of apple cider vinegar and one cup of sugar until sugar is dissolved. Pour this into the bottle. Fill the rest of the way with water.

Hang near the hummingbird feeder (or in fruit trees or in the barn). Check occasionally to see if it needs water, but otherwise forget about it. As the fruit ferments, those nasty hornets will crawl inside the bottle, get drunk, and drown. By the end of the season, you will have a bug bottle full of unwelcome bugs. Honey bees are "too smart" and will not get trapped.

To dispose of the bottle at the end of the season, drain off the liquid and wrap and place in the trash.
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Call in the Experts

I recently heard on a radio gardening show in Seattle that there is a (local to Seattle) company that will remove hornets' nests. It was also mentioned you may be able to contact your local university extension to see if they have anyone that removes nests. If the hornets are there, they must have a nest somewhere near. Maybe try a Google search for "pest removal" or "hornet removal."

Safe and Effective Solution

We had different bees on our front porch after our hummingbird fuel. We got an empty milk jug and put hummingbird fuel in it. On the top, we put one of those fly trap lids. They go in and don't come out. It's safe as no harmful chemicals are used. You can get them at Walmart or Tractor Supply stores. This works like a charm.

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Do You Know For Sure They Are Hornets?

There is an insect called a cicada killer that looks like a hornet that lays eggs in cicadas to feed their young. They make holes in the ground for their nests. They reportedly do not attack like hornets do either even though they are scary looking.

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