We review Deductr

Easier Record Keeping for Small Businesses

by Paige Estigarribia

The Dollar Stretcher was allowed access to the Deductr.com website to facilitate this review. The Dollar Stretcher received no compensation for this review. The opinions in this article are those of the author.

As the new year rolls around, taxes begin to creep into the forefront of everyone's minds. For the small-business owner, tax time can be especially stressful, because of the amount of documentation and record keeping that goes into tax preparation. Deductr Pro is a new program designed to help make tax preparation easier for the small business owner. With expense tracking capabilities, as well as both a mileage and time tracker all in one, in our opinion, Deductr Pro is a tool that could make tax time easier for the small business manager.

What is Deductr?

Deductr is a technology company whose mission is to help you keep track of income, expenses, mileage, and time easily. The Deductr Pro technology is designed to go with you and so that you won't miss potential deductions. With Deductr Pro's new technology, the tracking and recording of miles, minutes, and expenses can become automated, so that users won't forget potential deductions.


All in One Software

The great thing about Deductr's program is that it keeps all of the information in one place. With the information that it has, it can produce profit & loss reports, tax summaries, vehicle reports, home office reports, tax reports, mileage summaries, activity logs, medical reports, contractor wage reports, and child wage reports. Deductr also shows real-time graphs and other data so that you can make more informed financial decisions.


Keeping Track

The main focus of Deductr is keeping track, and with the program's portability you can do this easily anywhere there is internet -- from your smartphone and your computer. For $19.95 per month, the program tracks 4 different types of actions: income, expenses, mileage, and time. It automates the tracking process so that tasks aren't forgotten. Deductr can also track your mileage through your phone's GPS feature, and it can keep track of the time you spend working on your business too.

Deductr is a great program for keeping track of potential deductions, but remember it does not take the place of advice from a tax professional. In my opinion, there may be several, less-expensive record keeping solutions out there for 1-2 person small businesses, but Deductr could be a good program for business owners or work-at-home professionals to use to keep track of potential deductions to make tax preparation an easier task. And Deductr has generously offered our readers the opportunity to try out the program for 60 days, for only $1! If interested, head over to Deductr to get started! (Affiliate link)

Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher who enjoys writing about food, frugal living, and money-saving tips. Visit Paige on Google+.

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