Those ATM fees sure can add up!

Never Pay Another ATM Fee

by Nakia Thomas

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Are you a bank customer or credit union member still paying ATM fees? Stop! If you haven't realized it yet, most financial institutions are charging you twice. First, your bank charges you for using an unaffiliated ATM, and then you're charged by the ATM for maintenance. The costs can really add up by the end of the year. Most cost up to 20% of the withdrawal amount. Let's say you withdraw $20, and both your bank and the ATM charges you $2. This means you are paying an extra $4 for one withdrawal. If you had to do that two times each week, that's $32 a month. Looking at the bigger picture, that's $384 a year. Start saving that money today!

In order to avoid having to pay another ATM fee, here's what you do:

Be determined to only stop at an ATM that belongs to your financial institution.

Most banks and credit unions offer unlimited withdrawals for their customers. Take advantage of having no fee. If that means having to drive an extra mile or two, do it! You won't regret the savings.

Learn about ATM networks and shared services.

There are so many ATMs out there that may be affiliated with your small bank or credit union through the ATM Network. Take the time to see which ATMs are affiliated with your institution. This special partnership allows small institutions to compete with larger entities. Customers and members can have wider access to withdraw money for free!

Banks who have partnered through shared services also share ATMs. This means that withdrawing money from their ATM is just like stopping at your bank's or union's ATM. It doesn't take long to learn who your bank or union is affiliated with. Find out today.

Get "cash back" in stores.

Yes, one of the smartest ways to avoid ATM fees is to swipe your debit card in a store and ask for "cash back." You can easily find a store near you and drop in to buy a pack of gum or something in order to get cash back. Although the store can have restrictions on how much you can withdraw, it's still worth the saving of fees.

Switch to a bigger bank.

A great way to save on fees is to switch to a big bank with an undoubtedly immense amount of ATM network locations. Be sure to take notice of the ATMs you see around the most, whether in the gas station, grocery store, or restaurant.

Are you heading for debt trouble? This simple checklist can help you find out and provide options for doing something about it.

Be aware of "no fee ATM withdrawals."

When your bank or credit union states that there will be "no fee ATM withdrawals" on your account, it simply means they will not charge you. Be aware that the ATM charge will still apply.

Don't let the rising ATM fees keep you from withdrawing cash when you need it. From this day forward, make better choices when making your stop. You can always find ATM locations on your smartphone. This way, it won't be a struggle to compare the distances of affiliated institutions. You have the power to end all ATM fees for good! It's your choice; make the right one.

Nakia Thomas is a professional ghostwriter, looking to help entrepreneurs, experts, influencers, and individuals turn their ideas into book form, proposals, articles, and more. For more information, contact her at

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