Getting the most for your old stuff

How to Sell Your Stuff at Consignment

by Pam Hutzler

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Consignment Stores Hit Their Stride

When the economy hit the proverbial road bump, bargain hunting and thrift store shopping began to soar in popularity. Along with this came the return of consignment stores. From shoes to sports equipment to maternity clothes to purses, there are consignment stores for just about any of your well-cared-for things.

While donating your old items is definitely noble, if you're strapped for cash, it simply might not be the best option. Learn how to sell your stuff at consignment to get the most for your old things.

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Clean Up Your Goods

No one wants dirty, stained, out-of-style clothing. It seems elementary, but if you wouldn't want to purchase your items, others won't either. Do your shoes need polishing? Polish them. Has your jewelry stopped gleaming? Clean it. If a few of your shirts are missing buttons, replace them. In other words, make sure all of your items are in pristine condition. Just as you would detail a car before selling it, if you want the most for your old things, then you should take the time to get them ready for sale.

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Match the Store to Your Items

Maybe your son decided that soccer wasn't his game, but you recently laid out $45 on a new pair of Under Armour® cleats for him that he's barely worn. By taking the time to find a consignment store that specializes in sports equipment, you'll increase your odds of a sale at a good price over a general consignment store. Likewise, if you've decided that your third child is your last and you're looking to get rid of all your name brand maternity clothing, you'll probably do a lot better selling through a consignment store that caters to expectant moms.

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It's All in the Display

Even when a store has hot brands at great prices, if a potential customer can't locate what they're looking for, the care that was taken to get your quality items to the store doesn't matter. Make sure you are using a consignment store that understands the importance of effectively presenting products for sale. Know that customers generally equate quality products with quality display and find a store that understands this important truth.

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Get to Know the Store and Its Personnel

If you know someone and like him, in most case, it's probably true that you'll work harder on his behalf. The same is true with consignment store personnel. They're apt to go a little further or work a little harder for people they know and like. Therefore, it's probably in your best interest to find a store that you trust and then build a long-term relationship with the store. Cultivating this type of relationship with your store will go a long ways toward higher profits for you.

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In Writing Please

If you watch any episode of The People's Court, you'll soon find out that you can't rely on verbal agreements. They just don't hold up. As with any contractual situation, you need to get it in writing. Shops have different policies on setting prices, percentage for sharing, how long your items will sit on store shelves, etc. It's not only important to know the details but to also have it in writing, so you aren't disappointed by the outcome.

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Final Word on Selling Through Consignment

Of course, you're probably not going to get rich by selling old stuff through consignment. However, if you're strapped for cash or you want to do some shopping yourself, consignment stores just may be the answer.

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